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December 27, 2014


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Paul Flynn

Understand your anger, Ad. It's the hubris of Prime Ministers. They are deranged by the beating of the war-drums. They strut like Napoleon, they copy Churchill's rhetoric determined to write their own bloody page in history by going to war. No celebrations after Afghan and Iraq wars is sign of hope. Vote by 650 MPs on August 29th 2013 humbled a PM. More of that.


Its funny, about the self sacrifice of teenagers, about the glorious martyrdom of thousands of men still to reach their potential and their prime, when there are kids doing the bidding of their cynical masters who say "no, you can't sit down together in peace". Which moral, ethical, religious or humanitarian ideal does this NOT go against?

These men are simply NOT worth dying for! Peace is the highest ideal which we should seek in 2015 (I'm not doing a speech here but it will inevitably be the same shit this coming year). We have it, we have all discussed it here and our our elected MP Paul Flynn has faced up to the 'high and mighty' as they have appointed themselves.

I mean what the actual fuck are they trying to do? Blair to my mind is a nasty piece of work consumed by his own ego. He is delusional. The man should be prosecuted.

I've more in common with say a worker in Iraq or Afghanistan than say Blair or Cameron.

Its sick really, the ruling class ENVY the wealth of those countries, whereas we from all four corners of the earth should stand in solidarity.

Yes 911 happened. So did shock and awe. So did sanctions which knowingly killed vast numbers. Why not just send soldiers to smother them, to hold their hands over their mouths and suffocate them, and yes I am serious.

Defeat ISIS. Take the highways. I can see that much and I'm not in the army.

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