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November 18, 2014


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Where are they meant to hide? America rules the sun and moon. They creep forward into the shadows. I've seen them, they lay down after after their days work. They do that every day. On whose behalf? I think an honest debate would be what are they doing and why? Though you will never get the truth out of anyone pretentious enough to assume government.

Two things should be apparent by now:
1. They enjoy it
2. They have no idea of the consequences

As always the real enemy is within, in the sense of life or death for us and the future. Its not ISIS or Al-Quaeda its the criminals, and at best the pathetic inadequates who steal our government through their shitty channels of exclusive privilege.

Its simple really. We the 90% don't want to be 'managed' by a class of imbeciles obsessed by their own dishonest and amoral 'system'.

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