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November 05, 2014


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Paul Flynn

Very kind of you to say that Ad. I will be battling on in next year's General Election. I'm still optimistic about the result. Surely the public has recognised what a bunch of twisters, confidence tricksters and deceivers this lot are.

Plenty to chew on in your suggestions. Some heavy cogitating required.


I'll try a couple of suggestions:

*Let principle be the drive which sustains our politicians not ambition or self advancement.

*Do not be afraid to be a lone political voice.

*Always seek ways to relieve the problems and difficulties of the poorest and oppose moves which will harm their interests.

*Bloodshed is not a tool of the state for the benefit of private interests but a last resort of the greatest consequence.

Not sure these would would be suitable for purpose as they are but hope there are some grains of truth there.

Paul Flynn

Thanks very much Ad. The six points are very tentative and I would appreciate suggestions on new ones or improvements.


"Point five: Make power the exclusive gift of the electorate, never to be inherited or bought"

Whilst we still have a monarchical system which is the tip of the iceberg of an aristocratic system which bestows vast wealth and property holdings on a certain fold then we STILL are yet to become a fair society.

Whilst we still allow exclusive access to education and connections based on wealth and the ability to pay for it we do a disservice to the majority.

Whilst the majority struggle because it benefits the system whereby a minority claim vastly more than others could ever reasonably hope to attain I don't think Britain is a fair and truly democratic society.

I agree with all your proposals for an updated charter. Its just a pity that so many of your colleagues have such different objectives and motivations. Good luck and thanks for standing up for us all.

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