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October 05, 2014


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Edward Anderson

Thank you for voting against this war.


I wonder if the ruling class are even concerned? Are ISIS just a pimple of no consequence?

Why are the British RC even involved? Is it another warfare gamble against the last futile resistance against a western takeover of their wealth and futures?

Or have they in fact bitten off more than they can chew? Treating the cauldron of civilisation like they are some backwards tribe?

What is happening is a reflection of the greedy grasping petulance of our ruling class. Iraq like Afghanistan opened its borders, its government and economy to western interference and said bring us a better day. Whereas the west on behalf of its ruling class grabbed them round the throat and looked for a quick buck.

I dont see any beneficiaries of the policies of Bush an Blair except the rapacious already powerful.

Blair carries on in semi-respectable guise. They have set up the world rather nicely for neverending sectarian strife.

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