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September 24, 2014


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Paul Flynn

Thanks Bernard. Greatly appreciate that. The great majority of messages I received were supportive.

Bernard Tyson

just a note to say that this constituent supports your action in not voting foe more wars , thank you Paul

Paul Flynn

Thanks DanB, yes, I fully understand the horror that everyone feels about ISIL who certainly are beyond the pale. Other groups in Nigeria, kenya and Somalia also behave outrageously. All seize on what appears to be an instant solution. Its unlikely to be until we understand the reasons for ISILs hatred. But we were told that the Iraq War was an attack on terrorism. It did not work out that way and terrorism was given encouragement by boosting the sense of grievance that fuels the anger of so many Muslims worldwide. I am horrified with each case of twisted idealism of UK muslims who have volunteered to fight in Iraq. The UK has paid a very high price. Its time that we missed out on a war. Last year I argued against a UK incursion. The House agreed. This time the House will probably go ahead but they should hear the arguments for
past failure/

Paul Flynn


Its the problem of how to contain the blowback of a grassroots insurgency rather than marching into a battle.

Is making peace not to be preferred to a long drawn out tragic campaign of trying to eradicate an ideology? A wellspring of righteous grievence which only gets deeper over time.

It IS an ideological struggle and the US government and its supporters have been playing from a safe place where they have not payed a fraction of the price that Iraqis and Syrians have.

This is what previous governments have begotten us. Warfare is all to often their only answer. What will it accomplish? Has nothing been learnt during these last years?

ISIS are not going to go away. Upping the stakes and the rhetoric while dropping bombs seems to be the governments only (counter-productive) idea. They ARE criminals but only because they have been cornered and lost everything to the maniacal Bush and Blair and everything the stand for.

I realise this is easy to say when cities are being abandoned. But at the end of the day its the incompetence (at best) of US/UK leaders that has caused this.

Dan B

I am a constituent and this does not represent my position.

Our foreign policy may be too closely linked to that of our American allies but sometimes an issue should be judged on its own merits. ISIL have clearly demonstrated that they operate outside the normal moral parameters of civilised society and is widely condemned by the western and moderate Muslim world.

I can see no logical reason for not working in a broad coalition, which is very different from the neo conservative American driven intervention in Iraq. I urge you to reconsider and sample the electorate your serve for their views as everyone I come across is in the vast majority in support.

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