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September 15, 2014


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graham Pearson

What nonsense. Isis is funded by us. It will always act in concert with the traitors in Westminster to create war, profits, degradation and poverty for the British people, and huge wealth for the oil and political barons here and overseas. It is an effective continuation of the Third World War against the working class.

Paul Flynn

Doing an interview on talk radio tonight. Agree with you.

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I hope the government is above reacting in anger to the provocations of ISIS. I hope it acts cooly and can come up with a solution that minimises bloodshed. Its important that it:

a. Doesn't escalate things and recruit more fighters to ISIS
b. Doesn't trample on the rights and future of the Iraqi state
c. Doesn't act in a belligerent manner that deems the death of innocent Iraqis and Syrians an acceptable sacrifice for British security

The first priority should be to help guard against ISIS taking more territory. Then to try and bring those who are dissilusioned away and undermine their strength and momentum. Their numbers aren't vast.

But perhaps the government's love for more war which seems to bubble under the surface will lead to more carnage, counter-productive interventions and sowing the seeds of more future chaos.

No doubt ISIS are led by tyrants and are our enemies and many are suffering their persecution. What outcome do ISIS actually want by carrying out these executions? To gain world attention and kick up a fuss? To provoke a fight and draw the US into another quagmire?

I don't know but those are my thoughts and concerns at the moment. Just because our enemy has acted in a brutal manner doesn't mean the government can respond in kind.

There needs to be a real debate before the country is sucked into a war.

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