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September 15, 2014


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Anna Drake

Dear Mr Flynn,

I am greatly shocked and saddened to hear of my old teacher training college being threatened with closure.

I spent four great years of my life at the Caerleon campus and loved every minute; there was only one ATM machine in the village back in the 90's; the SU bar was small and had limited opening; the rooms were basic with shared facilities; we had to make our own entertainment as we didn't have luxury of a gym/ sports area and amenities. What I learnt from Caerleon was LIFE and how to live it. I sang my heart out at the end of each term in music concerts that I lost my voice when returning to Norfolk, I missed some good friends and could not wait to get back; some of the hottest summers were spent sitting high up in fields in Caerleon looking down on the rest of the town.
I also saw such tragedy - the Clock Tower main building burning to the ground in '91/'92 and helping out friends who had managed to get out unscaithed, but had lost everything and had to sleep in the sports hall with other groups of students.
I am passionate about my old college as I hope you can see and I will do as much as can to put a spanner in the works of the USW/ government bosses who decide to cut costs by moving courses and cutting jobs and affecting livelihoods in the village (obviously the owner of the Ship Inn did not seem that by encouraging more customers whether students or not would promote commerce to the area in general!).

If the government/ council can pay for £££££££ for policing of the Euro Summit with Obama and other world leaders for a few days then they can think again their thoughts on the closure of this beautiful and hundred year old campus that must be fully recognised.

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