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July 15, 2014


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"with house prices in London predicted to average over £500,000 at the turn of the year. This issue would not be so damaging if extended hours were being provided for workers, with prospects of job progression and stability."

Neoliberalism requires a reserve army of unemployed workers while simultaneously resenting them. It benefits the free market to have unemployed or underemployed workers on short term zero-hour contracts. Or do you literally mean that workers should work longer hours to make ends meet?

"It is important that we allude to the prospect that some government members still recognise and advocate the neo-liberal stance which was implemented by the previous government."

Neoliberalism as far as I know was implemented by Thatcher and only later signed up to by Labour. Its a contradiction because neoliberalism cannot provide the things you ask for e.g. reduction of inequality. Only politics can. Neoliberalism has deepened inequality.

Neoliberalism provides a further advantage to the financial elite in particular to the 0.1% who are billionaires. It is also one of the ideological driving forces behind the invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq.

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