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June 27, 2014


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Dr. Hans Gutbrod

I am very glad that you stand up and highlight the dreadful situation in Azerbaijan, where some very brief people face prosecution in jail merely for standing up and speaking the truth.

I have had the privilege of meeting some of these people in Azerbaijan, and it is essential that President Aliyev continues to be challenged, and asked to free these people.


Dear mister Flynn! My name is Yury Avanesov.I discovered this video on YouTube recently and was shocked and horrified to see how this Armenian man was being treated by Azeri. They speak Russian and force him to eat human dropping.It is, without a doubt, a violation of human rights, and I am begging you and other news organizations to help me take a stand against such atrocities. I have also contacted various human rights organizations to apprise them of the situation in this part of the world. As citizens of the world, we must all stand united against racism and treat each other with the dignity and respect that we all deserve. Please take five minutes to watch this video. I am confident that you will not be able to stand idly by while such injustices go unpunished.


Thank you for your time and consideration,
Dr. Yury Avanesov
(248) 915-5874

Janoush Antonin

Bravo Mr.Flynn!
Aliyev despot. Robbed their own people.
He runs the country as an oriental sultan.
Azerbaijan has become a country of slaves and sycophants.

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