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May 24, 2014


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I wonder how much of all of this has to do with the fact that from Jan 2014 onwards all passport applications from Brits living abroad are being processed in Liverpool rather then in the region they applied from. It seems typical that the decision to save cost and process all applications in Liverpool was made without adjusting staff levels to accommodate the 'increase' in passports processed in Liverpool.

They have had my children's applications for 9 weeks (as well as all there documents like previous passports and birth certificates), yet when I call all they are able to tell me is that their 'folder' has not been assigned yet. The online forums are full of people reporting similar problems all around the world and we are just left stranded out here without any recourse.

It is infuriating that they cover themselves by saying that you shouldn't book any travel until you have the passports, whereas any company that charges you money for a service (the credit card was charged in March) would have to actually provide that service within a given period of time or you could have your money back.

Also in the event of a dual citizenship, because you have to send all the original documents to Liverpool, you can't even apply for a passport in the country of the citizenship when it becomes apparent that the passports are not going to arrive at any point.

Paul Flynn

Thanks. This is the worst crisis I have heard of in the Passport delivery. Best to get in touch with your MP.

Linda Jackson

I applied on 21st April and am still waiting for my passport after documents sent by Special Delivery and signed for at the Peterborough Office were mislaid. The phone advice line tricks you into hanging up to await a return phone call "when the next operator becomes available". This mysteriously takes 2 days, while you actually get an operator after an hour or so if you phone up again.

At every stage misinformation is given out. At one point I was being told that I could not upgrade to fast track as my application was already in progress. When I complained and my missing document turned up after 3 days of trying to find out where it was, I was phoned by someone who apparently had my file in front of her, and offered the fast track option for £55. I was told this would guarantee the passport arriving by today 27th May. As of 5 pm it has not.

Making covering statements saying you should not book a holiday until your passport arrives is ridiculous when the Passport office take no responsibility for any particular time delay. The office is performing a service for which people pay and to which they are entitled. They should be subject to the standard of expectation that other service providers adhere to. The words "accountability" and "transparency" spring to mind. At present they behave as though they were bestowing a privilege on a mass of the undeserving who must put up and shut up. No proper communication is possible and Her Majesty's passport officers seem to think they have morphed into Her Majesty herself with no obligations or duty to communicate, tell the truth or provide an efficient service.(Not that Her Majesty doesn't do those things naturally, but she is not obliged to!)

Paul Flynn

Thanks. No it is NOT a good newspaper but I am happy to use their stories when they can help my constituents.
One of the suggestions is that government's cuts have cause this anxiety among my constituents and thousands of others. In my 40 years as an elected representative, a crisis of this kind in unprecedented. The Government must answer for this.

Denise Gilberto

Good newspaper, the Daily Mail, isn't it...


This issues with the passport office also affect single childless people too who also get ripped off by holiday companies and hotels with having to pay a single supplement and then on arrival at their destination invariably find themselves shoved into the nearest broom cupboard. However, politicians hardly ever seem interested in the rights of singletons - I guess there's much more political capital and soundbite to be made by grandstanding on teh hard working famileez....?

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