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May 29, 2014


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Which interests are these reports supposed to conceal. The very tip of the iceberg of ruling class greed AND willingness towards violence.

This is something we all (hopefully) shrink from in favour of any other solution. But of course sometimes violence is necessary, and the ruling class have played that card FALSELY.

It is a doctrine that welcomes criminality and oppression, simply put an attack and oppression of non-wealthy. There is no decency though they may be in denial themselves.

Its not really about which party is in power, as both are subsumed by capital

Andrew Simon

So one can only assume that today's announcement has somewhat taken the wind out of the sails of those members of the PASC who were actively pressing for some sort of investigation or inquiry into the delays affecting Sir John's Iraq Inquiry?

And that now there will now be no further action by the PASC (as was suggested before - possibly calling the Cabinet Secretary to appear before the Committee) beyond receipt of a letter back to Bernard Jenkin stating that everything is back on course?

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