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March 04, 2014


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They have failed to bring peace. The mission has only ever been as good as the political leadership and once again the NATO interference has only created civil war. Where have we seen that before? Libya and Iraq.

Its the politician's predilection for ongoing conflict and their abuse of their responsibility which has led to such a lack of progress for the Afghan people. At BEST it is half-arsed blundering. In my view it is criminality inherent in the core of the ruling class political hegemony.

It doesn't seem to matter what they do if they can carry it off with a straight face. Politics in this country is a shambles. There is no discussion and they allow EACHOTHER to carry on like fools.

Paul Flynn

No truth at all is the Government's delusional optimism about our exit from Afghanistan. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED ????


The NATO backed government has its tentacles in the drugs trade. It is a government which enables armed thugs to carry out extortion.

I think it just proves how uncertain Afghanistan's future is if it is already out of control to the extent that so much opium is grown.

Lies and bloodshed. No amount of false witness from the government can disguise the truth.

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