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February 13, 2014


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I just wonder what to expect when the NATO troops supposedly withdraw this year. America wants to keep 10,000 troops there which Karzai doesn't support. Plus there is another presidential election in April. With all the controversy about vote corruption last time which could unsettle things again, will the Americans hold onto their colony?

Yes there have been sacrifices. But those sacrifices have NOT been for the people of Afghanistan. Why should NATO deserve praise or gratitude? NATO has removed criminals but it has installed another set. The Afghan people living through decades of war have not been winners out of this occupation.

Our political leaders give false witness as to what is going on. They are determined that by being hard-faced they can scale it down, manage perceptions and otherwise deceive us into ignoring their crimes.

Most of your fellow MP stink of corruption. They adhere to the promise of self-advancement.

jacqueline dite

That's exactly my opinion. He is getting ready to suck up to the Taliban making his future life, shall we say a little easier. He can then say he hates the US and UK and others.
He has no shame, has accepted the west's money and we have lost lots of good young men for what!


"When can we debate the actions of the ingrate President Karzai, who is about to release 65 Taliban murderers from Bagram prison."

Not sure you can call them "murderers" unless they have deliberately targeted civilians or have been executing prisoners (which wouldn't surprise me in the least but I haven't read in any reports that they have done that). This is after all a war, otherwise why are the Army shooting at them and bombing them? Why is the Army shedding THEIR blood, are they murderers too?

Besides which the US doesn't have the best record in terms of having proper evidence for the indefinite detention of "enemy combatants".

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