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February 14, 2014


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Paul Flynn

Sadly have to agree with your bleak final assessment.
The rest is a valentine mini-swipe at a well-loved sonnet. Nid da lle gellir gwell. There is no good that cannot be improved.


Is this a subtle comment on those who pour scorn and disapproval on politicians? I.e everything we do even the good stuff gets pulled apart by someone?

Or am I reading too much into what was just a joke?

If it was the former the question arises: why should we bother to do 'good' things if noone salutes us. Whats in it for me to go against the grain?

We shouldn't criticise a government which cares more about the rich than the poor (which is a reversal of proper government)? There is always even for the best politicians and spokespeople a higher standard to attain. That standard is EQUALITY. A term hated by most on the right.
In fact this a country which says the rich are BETTER than the poor, that it is YOUR FAULT if you are poor and should be governed under that principle.

Even the most respectable and well regarded MPs can be easily replaced. Tyrants fall as do tyrannical systems. In other words most MPs ARE useless. Hypocrisy should alway be unnaceptable from government.

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