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February 18, 2014


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If the was a real difference between the two parties instead of a shallow cosmetic one it might be worth discussing.

It is just a show, and and opportunity for the leadership to lie. Why are so many of the leadership of both parties PRIVTELY educated, attendees of OXBRIDGE and have inherited millions. Most of them have INHERITED their millions yet spend their time thinking of ways to be tougher on the poorest!

The rich and the poor in it together? They should be, they should have equal burden instead of one party having vastly more as well as all the political power.

Paul Flynn

Abolition is a real possibility. The PM is questioned more efficieanyly after PM statement when now, thanks to Bercow, ALL MPS ARE CALLED. The PM is also quesetioned by the Liaison Committee over a couple of hours.

Wyn Hobson

PMQs are currently being defended as a 'valuable contribution to democratic debate'.

Barracking, however, is not debate.

I don't believe staging PMQs during television prime-time (as has been suggested by one retired BBC parliamentary correspondent) would solve the problem of 'yobbish' and 'twittish' behaviour.

The theory behind this proposal is that the prospect of being seen by more of their constituents would make MPs more circumspect in their conduct.

I think, on the contrary, that many MPs would 'play to the gallery' even more, not less. The problem is that politicians, political journalists and political anoraks reflexively assume that verbally abusing opponents impresses onlookers, and that non-politicians (i.e. most of us) would be bored in the absence of such actions. The reality is very different — the incessant sideswiping that passes for political discussion today is deeply and cumulatively wearisome to listen to.

There is only one way to reform the demeaning and damaging bear-garden of PMQs. Abolish them.


So they continue their robbery whilst cloaking themselves with party bullshit and preening self importance. Even the Tory media is shocked. E.g. refusing drugs to the elderly.

They will trample anyone who isn't their own class. I think it can be called murder.

Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be a backlash. Perhaps they they know what they are doing in carefully demoralising and then picking a target. Lies and betrayal.

They have refused to listen. THEY have become hard-faced. Yet they are the fools. Throw them to the wolves. Greedy bastards.

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