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December 20, 2013


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Not sure I like American politicos but there are surprisingly (given the importance of money to the system) some decent ones who speak out against the fetid, cloying stream of private interest.

I suppose his words are there for posterity and worth reading again. Just like others are too. Particularly during the Bush regime when the idealistic and independent minded weren't marooned by Obama's fake progressiveness.

In other words we need to stop being AFRAID of the rich. We are told they are great and we depend on them. Thats all NeoLiberalism is it seems to me. Being dictated to by a minority who happen to have more than the rest could possibly earn.

But we can kill them. There are far more of us, and we can confiscate their wealth. They simply aren't better, more deserving, or better people e.g somehow cleverer.

They don't make the sun come up and then go down.

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