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November 29, 2013


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Surely its harm is minimal as well as being part of somali culture. Why this need to prohibit naturally growing plants?

Doubtless all the legislators drink wine and beer which actually has to be brewed not to mention is related to violent crime and addiction.

Its basically those who are 'drunk' with power dictating to the rest of us. Its idiotic.

The Lord created these plants, how can they be prohibited? That is before you even begin to contemplate what the results of these brutal actions will be.

Its not about health I think we can safely say. After all the government receives billions from tobacco. They are creating a backlash, criminalising a minority. The same goes for cannabis. A natural plant. F*** anyone who says you aren't allowed this or this. I just know the Bullingdon Boys were well into their cocaine. Its probably out there I would bet.

So to actually go after Khat in the current climate takes a special and peculiar type of brainlessness.

We can have a cup of tea or cofee but are are prohibited from having a spliff? We can order a double whiskey but can't enjoy chewing our khat?

I find that quite ridiculous!

Thanks Paul for trying to illuminate the darkness of ignorance.

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