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September 09, 2013


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Some people get to live by different rules. The govt is hard on benefit claimants yet doesn't care how many billions are wasted elsewhere. The poor are demonised whereas the rich get to live by different rules where they can rip us off for billions.

It is is a land of milk and honey for private interests that stamp their greed into the political economic system. Your example proves how ridiculous it is. Certain interests are chosen (through the familiar methods) to grow exceedingly fat. Then they turn away from their promises, break agreements and generally follow a familiar pattern.

They should have to testify in court for these outrages. We should not forget these insults. They are a waste of space. But even now the next rip-off is coming along.

So unless there is a change of song in our politics which only we can enforce it will go on forever. Why are the majority so relaxed about being ripped off? Where is the strength and courage to deliver this country into the 'promised land'?

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