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September 15, 2013


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Paul Flynn

A quiet inquiry is going on behind closed doors on the Royal Consent, different from the Royal Assent. Bills cannot get started in Commons without say-so of Queen or Charles. Could cause problems if Charles becomes King. It will all be changed very discreetly.


You never know. I don't think he has much to live up to going by the conduct of those who have preceded him. Aren't the royal family as an institution merely a door which is firmly shut in the faces of their 'inferiors' with the message that WE are better than YOU. WE were born better and get to live by different rules.

But maybe Charles will help to open those doors whilst also carrying out a ceremonial role.

So if Charles and his sons can serve a purpose I don't see a problem with it. I think Charles wants to make the role his own going by your own blogs on his political interference. This would put the monarchy in a more precarious position but would also serve a purpose.

Maybe he would do a good job which only a few are in a position to.

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