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July 03, 2013


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"Must learn the truth before we blunder into Iran or Syria."

If they were idiots they would surely get it right sometimes accidentally. But they are wrong every time. I believe they have a hidden agenda.

They dictate the events in places like Afghanistan and Syria. But what right have they to do so? Do you honestly think they give a shit about these people when they have proved they will screw the most vulnerable in our OWN society? I want to see them held to account for their naked abuses and criminality.

They act slick but their actions speak for themselves. Why should we let the bad guys have an easy walk? Why should these corrupt bastards win and where are are all the decent politicians? Or does our political system simply preclude them?

EVERYTHING they say is vindictive, duplicitous and downright nasty. They are RATS. They are the slyest bunch I can ever recall or expect to see.

THEY are destroying our heritage. Where will it end? Where do you think these rats want to take us? What kind of society would they prefer?

They LITERALLY target the minority, the most vulnerable, the sick and the poorest. And there is no logic to it that I can see except that they have a hidden agenda which is; "sod the majority, sod everyone lets ruin the country for OUR OWN benefit". They are willing to murder and oppress anybody for the sake of what (at this point) is an extreme ideology. And it will not get better next year or in two years with a change in government. They are the same party. George Osborne's and Ed Milliband's wives are best friends (so I've heard).

Why do they act like this? They are bad seeds for one but more importantly they believe they can get away with it. This is a ruling class full frontal assault and there is no real opposition.

Oh, they certainly will be held to account. They will not get away with it in the end. But who will rise up against them? They use their position to make laws to hurt US. It can and will be turned against THEM. THEY attack the innocent with impunity, so I see no problem in attacking and destroying criminals.

Paul Flynn

The Tories had a daft populist idea that RAMBO PCC would sort out soft Police Chiefs. The public did not warm to the idea which is shaping up to be the Coalition's most useless initiative.

Paul Flynn

Thanks Ad
The families of the 444 fallen UK soldiers will find their cherished beliefs shattered as we do a deal with the Taliban. They were consoled with the hope that their loved ones died in a noble cause that improved the lot of the Afghans. Yet again, another lie.
Spoke in a public meeting last night in London on the futility of the 623 deaths in war meant to defend the UK against NON-EXISTENT Taliban Terrorist and Iraqi WMD. Must learn the truth before we blunder into Iran or Syria.


Re What has been achieved in Afghanistan. A backwards war blighted country has had to suffer another decade and more of artillery and bombs falling around them whilst nothing significant or long lasting has been delivered. Their hopes after 'liberation' have been betrayed while a minority of governors and western businesses have made a fortune.

Cameron claims British engagement in Afghanistan has kept Britain safe, but what has really been achieved on that front? The Taliban who British forces have fought year after year (resulting in civilian and military deaths) have no desire to attack Britain itself. NATO has created a corrupt, abusive and weak state which in all likelihood will become dominated again by the Taliban. So what was the point of all the carnage of the last 7 seven years? Are these pro-war politicians simply reluctant to own up to the fact that they have failed completely?


Re police commissioners, I agree with you, I just do not see the point of them. I really don't understand what value they are going to bring (other than another person in employment). I think the Carmel Napier situation is awful...30 years service and to be treated the way she has been is appalling. Great post.

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