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July 17, 2013


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You have to wonder about the character of your colleagues. They have been given the office of governing the country but what have they come up with? Who actually likes and supports them? They should be driven out.

They do not seem to have anybody's interest at heart except their own. Nasty and small minded is my honest assessment of them. You don't get one ounce of encouragement that they care about the poor. And the fact is they are not particularly strong or important.

I feel that the media (eg. the BBC) is on their side despite the fact they were only ever supported by a small minority. Why don't we have a proper discussion? We are herded into a political narrative which is paid for by a small 'elite'.

Will it come to blood? It already DOES when they casually kill muslims in foreign areas. I am sorry to say it but THEY go after the most vulnerable in our society. That means the worst off are driven to despair and SUICIDE.

We are under attack (the majority of people). They want to take everything away from us. These are people who wage war.

Then again... maybe not?


PMQs should be a solemn affair that lasts for about six hours. Not just a pantomime where most of the members treat it as a game for twenty minutes.

Ed Milliband seemed to concentrate on cigarette packaging. Does that not seem like he is backing off instead of making a full frontal assault on his supposed ideological enemy. They are (both leaders) prancing around and playing it safe. Nothing of substance needs to be broached. It might just as well be scripted. This suits the TRUE interests which they represent.

And Nick Clegg sits at his right hand. I hope he gets to sleep upon the pavement. Public school boys attacking the poor and sending them in ever greater numbers to an early grave.

Regarding your own question, Paul. You took the bastard straight on and I respect you for that. Unfortunately for us it displayed Cameron as the elitist 'head boy' personality which is burning the rest of us on a bonfire.

But yes that is how it should be done :)

The PM talks about the (relatively small) fall in unemployment but not about the rise in numbers of long term unemployed and the fact that the unemployed are being moved into WORKFARE where they do full time jobs for a fraction of what they should be paid.
THEY think if you squeeze benefits "benefit scroungers" will decide to get a job. The reality is that most job vacancies are only interested in those currently working. THESE are the vacancies available, not to the long term unemployed.

i couldn't watch it all in the end. Why should I listen to him NOT answer questions?

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