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July 11, 2013


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I think the people in this country are hardly represented at all. Politics is so distant from the people. I think our political class are actively blocking and are in the way of a true democratic consensus and discussion. They have appointed THEMSELVES where as we have a minimum of choice. That is how a certain class manipulates it because it sustains their position.

Politics in this country is simply not respectable to the majority. It is a system of oppression and a perversion of the office it is supposed to perform. Again, it is what the upper class in their current status rest upon.

It could all snap in an instant. It is a wall which swells out and is ready to collapse.

These people do not value peace. They do not have enough so they BUY the discourse. They really are afraid to lose it all so they attack the interests of the majority who relatively have NOTHING.

They are against us but we outnumber them by a thousand to one. We must therefore look them in the eyes and reject their outdated conceitedness. I think we have to realise that a lot rides upon how WE deal with OUR ruling class.

I don't believe there is a simple 'left-wing' or 'right-wing' solution, others may disagree. I will pursue my own inclination. But the current world capitalist system (which has feet of clay) is abhorrent and needs to be flushed.

Paul Flynn

Thanks Ad. It was a deplorable spectacle. Agree with your comments but the best way to halt this is to expose fact that it is out of order. Still working on it.


I'll put thIS more simply, because it illustrates something important:

She said: DLA recipients where feeling suicidal due to changes in the 'welfare' system.

He said: DLA had gone up in the last ten years and this was necessary.

And Ed Balls LAUGHED.


He didn't answer much but showed his inhumanity abundantly. You have to listen carefully. In particular the question from Pamela Nash, saying her constituent had threatened to commit suicide, "because they were so depressed from the effects of welfare reform". She asked what the government is doing to analyse the effects of welfare reform on the mental health of the country.

Cameron's typical non-answer was that "the system was out of control" and "DLA had gone up by a third over the last ten years". Ed Balls on the opposite bench laughed.

So because DLA happened to go up over a TEN YEAR period, (and remember this was Cameron's only arguement) he couldn't give a shite that those who are affected by benefit squeezes are driven to the utmost despair.

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