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July 01, 2013


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Unfortunately there aren't many nowadays with the clear judgement and sense of justice to even protect those carefully won assets and gains from the ruling class which have been bequeathed to us by our political ancestors.

The majority of us are wandering through a desert where nothing is offered to us but everything is taken away. We desperately hope for some relief but are far from attaining it.

These are people who lie to us and casually betray our trust. Who come up with schemes to deceive and tread upon us for their own advancement and their own unhinged set of principles.

On the street the ordinary person has to continually suffer a stream of nonsensical, pointless attacks to their security and to their community. We are dealing with people who HATE this country, whose every thought is backwards and is set to undo everything which is good.

TRUTH is not important anymore in this system of government. Anybody who rails against them is preyed upon by the media and the snide, selfish people who inhabit British politics.

Its quite amazing how tightly this ruling class have everything sewn up. At the same time they are weak and probably know it. It is war by the minority against the rest of us and we should be going in against them in full battle armour to crush them with the zeal of our vengeance.

We should pay them back every bit in kind for what they have done to us. For all their sneering contempt we should furiously deal with them so that THEY fear US.

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