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July 11, 2013


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If they are willing to set a country back by decades, poison it forever and kill hundreds of thousands then what are the prepared to do to US? They've shown how easy it is.


You have to bear in mind that Iraq was under the boot of NATO governments for years even prior to the 2003 invasion. The deaths of hundreds of thousands is deemed an acceptable price for the advancement of US foreign policy interests.

Everything post invasion was done wrongly as set out in the documentary, No End In Sight. I was truly sickened watching that one. It seems to me that they managed to get EVERYTHING wrong.


"We could not have stopped Bush's war"

Well, in fact, maybe we could.

After all it didn't seem all that likely to many that Britain could even put up much of a realistic defence against Hitler's Germany, but it's amazing what can be done if you put your mind, heart and soul to it.

But it is absolutely true to say that while the populace didn't particularly want to help Bush with his war, there certainly wasn't the stomach to put anything on the line to try to stop them. So we wouldn't have tried to stop Bush's war, so it is likely it would have gone ahead even we'd had the guts to verbally and politically oppose it.

But Tony Blair's Britain did put a lot of effort into muddying the water to help make it happen, even before actually joining in with the commission of the crime.
It's hard to say it would have definitely happened if we'd put the same level of effort into opposing it.

We played good rational reasonable cop to the United States', crazy might just kill you and claim it was accidental, bad cop routine as they went around the globe bullying and threatening every small and not so small nation into either providing token support or at the very least to not speak in opposition to their planes.

We cannot remove Britain and say everything would have been the same if we hadn't played the part we did. It was a big part and it dragged us all down into the mud and all that stuff that gets mixed in with mud and the stink of it is on us all still.

With our lack of opposition to what the Obama led US now does, we are doing nothing at all to clean ourselves off and with what we do in support, in fact get a little dirtier each day.

Paul Flynn

Mike Gapes misses point. MPs decided to take the UK into Bush's war. We could not have stopped Bush's war. The result of UK MPs' decision was 179 UK dead. Hell of a price to pay for one man's vanity.


We were led by small-minded. glad-handing money worshipers.

Our 'leaders' simply follow orders. They evidentally HAVE NO HUMANITY.


It's not important to either the subject under discussion or your point, but democracy was born in Greece something more like 2500 years ago.

It also seems that as Mike Gapes MP is declaring that he was neither bamboozled nor bribed, that he must therefore be an idiot.
That he still makes a case for what is to date the greatest criminal act of the 21st century would seem to prove that he is.
Why the people of Ilford South chose to be represented by such an idiot is a mystery.

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