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July 26, 2013


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It seems to me that the 'left' politically do not have the wherewithal to answer the extremists who currently inhabit the political executive despite the fact that THEY have nothing but reproach for those who aren't millionaires like themselves.

But the side with right on their side should also truthfully find it easy time to destroy their enemies no matter how much support and opinion they can buy. We need to chuck it directly in the face of Cameron and hate him as he squirms and lies. What is right is right and nobody can prove otherwise.

We have to use our words against them for a start. The millionaire public schoolboys may have us in derision amongst THEMSELVES and their media limpets, but the point is to not back down and to look them in the face.

Lets admit that they are without compassion or decency and are basically looking after their small privileged elite. They betray all laws of human decency and any right minded person must be horrified by their bullying maliciousness.


So if you want to be an upstanding citizen, work hard and aspire to improve your situation most people do not have any chance. That is the reality and it is getting worse.

The current generation of school/ FE leavers have no chance with a government that does not fight for their interests. This government is making US poor and themselves and their donors RICH. There is little of real value that the people own anymore. THEY have skived it all away for their own advancement.

Comparitively we used to be quite well off. Politics meant something, now it doesn't. What has the last few decades of 'government' given us? Was there a time when the government looked at the interests of the people and thought lets get up early and FIGHT for their interests?


Thanks for filling us in Huw. This is I'm sure a subject that the Archbishop SHOULD comment on because Wonga are taking the essentials away from the poorest for profit. So yes Welby does deserve credit.

You are right to say these companies are parasites who prey on the most vulnerable and they should definitely be banned for taking what little the poorest have left.

Is this a new thing? Didn't loan sharking used to be a criminal i.e an illegal enterprise. A sign of the times maybe.

So if Justin Welby is genuinely having a go on behalf of the majority who are not represented anymore then that is good. But they are still below the queen?


Well one benefit they were just starting was to try to undermine the business model of the parasitic money lenders.

That is now being sidetracked by the fact that with an investment fund that they have money invested in has invested part of that fund in Wonga.

They haven't directly invested in Wonga, but that doesn't eliminate all traces of hypocrisy because some of their money still funded Wonga and the return on their investment which was from the poorest of society still increased the funds of the CofE.

They have to change that, but we wouldn't be aware of any of it if they hadn't determined to raise public awareness about the parasitic and destructive nature of these payday lenders.
It was their positive and deliberate urge to do something for the benefit of society that is now being derailed by their passive, non-deliberate and indirect involvement with one of those companies.

It can't be ignored, but it shouldn't be allowed to distract people from what needs doing. And Wonga, Moneyshop etc. need to be put out of business.


I can't believe the Archbishop of Canterbury used to be a top banker and oil businessman. Does someone who makes millions in running a company for its shareholders care about the people? This is who they chose as their spiritual leader?

I'm not saying its impossible it just seems unlikely. I mean the Archbishop of what? And his organisation invests in Wonga?

They have obviously put profit before principle. The CoE is in league with Wonga! So Justin Welby is another one of these PR men like Blair and Cameron. And WHY is there even an official 'Church of England' in the first place? What benefit do they actually give to the country?


Fair enough to point out the hypocrisy Paul, but it would be even better to see you attacking the cancerous and parasitic companies that include but are not limited to wonga, that are legal for reasons best known to successive governments who never put in place the kind of regulation that would truly minimise the harm they do.

That churches are like everyone else, and have a gap between what they say and what they do, isn't really news to anyone nor does pointing it out do anything to prevent these bottom-feeding money lenders from sucking on the blood of the poor and most vulnerable in society.

So it would be very encouraging Paul if you could put a bit more into attacking those who directly and actively harm people and communities. By all means also point out that indirect support by investment helps these businesses to thrive and castigate supposedly moral organisations who provide them with their funding but don't just concentrate on them.

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