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June 06, 2013


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That was good Huw. You took Roger apart there. I don't have any confidence in the EU though. I see them as another ruling class neo-liberal institution.

They haven't done anything to stop NATO warmongering. Maybe that is an argument to ditch NATO and have an EU defence policy? One which isn't dictated by the toxic and frankly insane American military budget.

We are lucky in that we are first world wealthy country. But who controls it all? A small class who don't care about the majority. What do they actually PRODUCE? Arms. War. Economic injustice and hardship.

Those with all lifes advantages only produce MISERY. Lets destroy this system which produces bloodshed and economic misery for the majority.

It is silly and arrogant of those who enjoy the benefits of the current political landscape to expect that it will carry on for future generations. What do they give us? Nothing. Where are they taking us? An ever tightening belt.

Our elected politicians certainly possess some skills and intelligence but they are failures as human beings morally and politically.

We aren't meant to live like drones. Like cattle who are organised into conditions which are suitable to a minority small ruling class.

The time WILL come when this small minority who dominate us will simply have deserted their mansions.

The economy which they exploit will turn against them, their profits will go down the drain. They are ridiculously comfortable and arrogant but their destructive patterns will fail and see a backlash in the future.

The fact is this ruling class are careering onwards and are not particularly concerned for the future. They are not particularly bright.

People like Roger (who can be destroyed by better commentators) are sadly more common and familiar. People are starved of a better example. One with the knowledge and human decency required.


Dear Mr Flynn,

You know I read the kind of comments that Roger here posted and I think, I bet he feels angry all the time, about everything.

Only by living a life of constant nurtured rage could someone whose living supposedly requires him to live out of hotels, presumably travelling all the time just to earn barely enough to support himself could be raging about a financial transactions tax.
The kind of transactions that whilst occurring in microseconds trade the value of many chains of multinational hotels time and time again, back and forth, contributing to massive irrational volatility in the stockmarket are more akin to pure and reckless gambling than any kind of prudent trades or investments and are done by people who do little and contribute absolutely nothing to production of any kind, and with their tax affairs carefully arranged, very little or nothing to the society that has enabled their lifestyle and rewarded their brand of lack of contribution far beyond sense.

To actually manage to be livid about being one of the supposed few who actually pays tax, whilst being incandescent about the closing of loopholes that both tax evaders and avoiders use requires a particularly angry and irrational frame of mind.

He doesn't believe in the past, doesn't recognise what he has been given and doesn't believe in the future as he has bought the neo liberal arguments about the unsustainability of the government of a country actually paying it's debts to the people of the country in the shape of pensions etc, while not once objecting to making massive payouts to the same gamblers whose suggested taxation has sent him into paroxysms of wrath.

Angry and deluded it seems.

When a child falls down and cries out, everyone around is concerned. Some children cry out whenever they are unhappy about anything and those without children will for a brief time be just as concerned by all sets of tears and wails.
But those with children and those with experience recognise which yells and cries signify genuine distress and which are attention seeking bratty behaviour.

Likewise, Paul, when an angry little man cries out because of the pain of a financial transactions tax that does not affect him in any way, I trust you are experienced enough to judge the difference between a cry of despair and a tantrum from someone who isn't getting exactly everything his own way.

Although, as with all truly bitter arguments, one suspects that the real cause of anger is something else entirely (probably the EU).

Britain is an extraordinary country that way, when you query people you usually find that their greatest objections to the EU are all things that would be resolved by progressing rather than retarding the European project, as with standardising tax rates or taking power from the commission and giving it to the elected parliament, but the very idea of being merely an equal member of a voluntary union causes paroxysms generally in those who are staunch supporters of one particular involuntary union, one unrepresentative government and the UK's special privileged global position as lackey to the US.
Ah the US, where life is so much better for, far fewer people and where politics is more game show than anything else with a handful of winners and 180 million losers.


Dear Mr Flynn,

You know, I read this and sort of felt angry.

Very rich people don't pay tax. They don't pay tax because most of the countries of the world are run by rich people.

All that very high tax rates achieve is that they make money for accountants creating complex tax avoidance structures (for rich people). The only people who pay the brutal taxes you're discussing are relatively poor people who happen to make a bit of money and are promptly fleeced of every penny by the leeches of the state.

I don't know whether you know that the late Roman state had very high tax levels ... at least in theory. In practice the wealthy did not pay them. So they fell, crushingly, on the middle classes. These, in the end, ended up going to the rich and entering serfdom in order to avoid the attentions of the tax gatherer. Indeed the officials who did not pay the taxes kept coming to the emperor pointing out how the state needed more money (because, of course, they benefited from the public contracts).

I am an ordinary chap, earning his living. I've spent the last year living out of hotels so that I can do so. I have just filled in the self-assessment form, and so I know that you and your friends in parliament have taken a huge sum from me, under threat of violence. I am not rich. I am in my 50's, and I can't imagine how I shall ever have enough money to retire. There won't be any state pension for me, lying talk aside, that's clear.

I could sort of manage to earn enough to retire ... except for the leeches in government who take the fruits of my labours every year and throw them away.

I did those calculations on Wednesday, and sat there, very angry at all of you. You bastards! You take my money, and I get nothing for it.

On Thursday I heard what the government proposes to spend my money on; it's going to pay it as "compensation" to the terrorists who ran the Mau Mau campaign in Kenya, before I was born. Oh, and as "legal fees" to a treacherous lawyer. In other words, the government is going to piss away the money it extorts from me, which prevents me ever retiring. Why the hell do I pay any tax, I wonder? No wonder rich people don't bother!

You lot in Parliament need to think about this. You demand a hell of a lot from all of us. You act as if you have this fantastic entitlement to strip us all bare. Well, Mr Flynn, some of us out here are getting very angry with you and yours. Once people start to starve, they tend to want to hang politicians.

And yes, we do know who will pay the extra taxes you and Milliband are dreaming up. It will be little chaps like me, with no way to vote ourselves extra income. It won't be Google, that's for sure.

Stop doing this. Stop yammering for ever higher taxes on the few of us who actually contribute anything to this country.

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