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June 10, 2013


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It seems to me that these are bad people we are talking about. What have they done for anybody unless you are privileged and rich?

They go after the poorest and most vulnerable whilst accepting BRIBES. They dish it out to the worst off whilst obliging the ruling class.

I hope they are caught out in their greedy negligent selfishness. But there aren't many of your kind, Paul, who respect the office which they have been elected to.

I wish them all the misfortune in the world. They are worthy of our indignation and our anger

THEY go after the ill, the disabled and those who want to work but can't. Particularly those who live in an area where 50 people go after every minimum wage job. THEY have created these conditions and now they chase those they have trodden upon.

So they are doubly bad. I wish them an eternity where they get what they deserve is all I can say.

Where is the government which will be honest instead of pandering to a small minority British ruling class? I don't think we can shrug these criminal abuses off any longer. I hope what they have done has consequences. They are rats who laugh whilst they casually bury the most vulnerable. The weakest and the poorest simply have no voice and no means of fighting back or being heard.

I suppose I am not alone in thinking there is nobody in this political system who is even on the same page.


A detailed list of former ex ministers and civil servants jumping on this gravy train would make interesting reading for us `little people` a term not far from the lips of our rulers I`m sure. `


Are they spying on people or not? I assume they are. How pathetic. But I am not in the least bit surprised.

The internet is considered another theatre to conduct war in. Before there was air, land and sea. Now the fourth is 'cyberspace'.

They are consumed with their own authoritarianism and paranoia. But who are they when they leave work? They are nobodies.

Hague is a dishonest rat. He is supposed to represent and defend our interests but he is nothing but an empty ruling class stooge.

Do we not deserve better? Should we not attempt to realise what is in our own interests? I'm sure we could do without Hague. Its really simple. Do not put up with any of their bullshit, authoritarian elitism for even a split second. WE are in charge not them.

WE rule this country but we give our authority to sharks and then we act obedient to them. We can do better. We are hoodwinked by professional liars.

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