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June 28, 2013


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Given the apparent commitment of every major party to go go go on the incredibly expensive option of nuclear, no matter what they say before they are in government, with massive upfront costs, immense financial risk passed to the country and incalculable costs on the other end of the life cycle and no sane idea of how to deal with the waste, it seems a little party political to be blaming the Lib Dems for carrying on in the same tradition as New Labour, current Labour (I don't which word that signifies "let's not have any policies but if we end up with some by mistake let's make sure they aren't left wing ones is") and the Tories.

In order of hopelessly incompetent and completely lacking in any sane vision for the future the parties currently stack like this
1) Tories
followed closely by
2) Labour
and coming up the rear as marginally less contemptible struggles
3) Lib Dems

Out in the far reaches of the universe or possibly beyond them are the likes of the BNP and UKIP who on the whole are no more mad than the worst of the Tories but surprisingly are not taken as seriously as the rest of the rancid right.

That makes the Lib Dems the best of a bad lot, thank goodness there are not only 3 parties and there will be other options.
It's like the 70's fashion sense that orange, brown and lime green were the colours of cool.
Like those 3 options, our political 3 options are just as incredible, awful, unthinkable and all heading firmly and decisively to oblivion. Thank goodness for the rest of the spectrum.

We can hope the electorate start taking some responsibility for who they elect by the next election (although we certainly can't expect it)

If Labour want support from people, they might perhaps actually articulate positions that aren't the same as the Tories but with vaseline smeared on the lens to make them look softer and nicer without having the guts to actually be better.

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