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May 23, 2013


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Attacks like those in Woolwich remind us that we have no more right to peace than those in Iraq or Afghanistan.

American and British governments impose themselves on Muslim countries because of their greed for oil/gas.

In truth NATO has destroyed Iraq by deliberately turning Sunni against Shia. Islamic sectarianism has become a new war in it self.

I wonder whether British government politicians are glad and happy that Iraqis ans Syrianss are now killing eachother.

How arrogant is it to think these atrocities won't result in bloodshed upon our own doorsteps. We listen to idiots who have nothing but idiotic posturing.

We are only going around in circles. It seems ro me that EVERYTHING these guys do is foolish criminality.

Why do we as a country have to be the worlds 'attack poodles' who 'punch above our weight'? We don't need it!

Paul Flynn

At a moment when the whole nation is reeling after witnessing an act of barbarism, there is raw grief and anger. There is little room for cool rational debate. I am embarrassed by the opportunism of many of my fellow MPs. I have refused all invitations to comment at the moment. Cooler heads will decide later.


Just a further note about the culpability of our government (and previous ones) it seems to me that they have the mentality of organised criminals. I think there is a sickness which pervades politics. That goes for all governments, but in particular those with a militaristic history (recent history more specifically).

Those who grin and make sly responses to any questions while they defend and authorise slaughter. And then they turn around and act all pious about all the destruction which they caused (its all fake).

I say lets dissolve them all and start again. It is the only reasonable option I think. Why replace one lot we don't trust or believe in with another? Really they are getting away with murder.

What happened in Woolwich is a symptom of what these smug, self-important criminals have decided they can impose on us.

It is all so easy to change things. The time is now. We must make a change in the present time and not accept these fat blood-soaked animals.

I don't expect the present political situation to last indefinately. They are weak politically, ideologically. They are ruining this country. Will we accept generations to come of these criminals? Why should we let them do this to us?

All these rich titled people are an infection and their days are numbered. They think they are protected in their ruling class bubble but they will be nowhere to be found once the majority turn against their criminality.

We don't need them at all. It is a myth. Shut them down for good. Their institutions will become a hateful historical memory. They will not be missed.

They have destroyed the spirit of the people. We should speak out against them and their system of criminality. We need to take a chance instead of allowing this current ruling class to carry on.

People need to understand what it is possible to realise. There is nothing to fear if WE decide to use our strength and take out our vengeance where it should be directed. People will catch on pretty quick, especially those normal people who you thought were part of the problem and were incapable of change. There is so much more potential there than people could imagine.

I'll leave it there :)


For me this isn't a story about terrorism, if it was it would be about the most pathetic piece of terrorism you could hope to find. In the last few months alone we have had pathetic people brutally murder numbers of children by accident in some cases by design in others.
The murder of this young man is horrifying and awful but I don't think the people of London or England or the UK are reacting with terror.

People like Ingrid Loyau-Kennett have given the immediate and glorious response to an act of brutality. There are two things that will be remembered about that day - the death of Lee Rigby in what was a cowardly attack on an unarmed and unsuspecting man and the level headed courage of people like Ingrid Loyau-Kennett.
People like the EDL wish this incidence evoked terror in people and it seems they have had some success in attracting a few more cowardly racists to their organisation on the back of it, but they will fail in their aim to have British people in general strike out like fearful and frightened children at anything they don't like or understand.

The story we will remember is that a cub scout leader, a lady in her 40's, unarmed, first went to the aid of a man she believed injured and then stood eye to eye with armed and bloody murderers, spoke calmly with them, requested to give up their weapons and did not back down or blink.
This is something to be proud of, a reminder of what once allowed the Britsh to claim greatness and will allow the people of Britain to celebrate the fact that after years of fearfulness and overreaction, there is a sign that this noble spirit is not yet dead.


Clearly these men were not in the least bit afraid to kill soldiers and attack police. Just as NATO had no qualms about destroying Fallujah. Both were heinous crimininal atrocities and BOTH should be dealt with as such.

I was horrified by the soldier's death yesterday. But clearly a great many ordinary NATO soldiers have been just as callous in their treatment of Iraqis and Afghans. The invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan were disastrous decisions rooted in greed and combined with extreme militaristic bloody-mindedness. What is the correct response if your relatives or friends have been blown to pieces by an army which doesn't have any regret or care?

In short we should aknowledge that our government has blood on THEIR hands. They are responsible for acts just as brutal and unnecessary as that which happened yesterday in Woolwich. They should have better sense (and more human decency) than to go around 'punching above our weight' with all that it entails.

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