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May 16, 2013


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Its certainly insulting to say a Welshman has less wisdom on this subject than an Englishman. Perhaps that IS racist? It would be racist to say Jews were less capable of judgement on the EB not being 'proper christians' so there can't be much difference.

Either way it is not very christian given that his argument was rooted in faith.

Your colleagues were unsurprisingly more than a bit rude. They refused to accept that they had been duped so they are not honestly answering the debate. There have been more than enough personal testimonies of former EB members whose lives have been destroyed after being banished and that is only one aspect of the abuses.

Those comments from Sir Tony Baldry are certainly foolish to say the least. It is not unusual or surprising for a Tory to make offensive comments which strip away the mask and reveal the truth about their mindset.

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