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February 15, 2013


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Thats great, Paul. I'm glad to hear they met with your expert approval.

Paul Flynn

Thanks Ad.
In 1997 in the first version of the book I asked for amendments or addition to the ten commandments. Yours are the first I have received. They are great. I agree with them all. One day their may be a third version. I will these on file and use them with full acknowlegedments of course.


I'm glad to hear your book is popular with those who need to read it most. Your list of commandments are well thought out and follow your extensive experience. I will add some of my own commandments if I may, some of which overlap with your own:

*Realise that your decisions can result in pointless deaths of innocent people abroad.

*The poorest deserve help and are every bit as worthy as anybody else.

*Never vilify the vulnerable. A civilised society should not vilify those who rely on the assistance of others.

*Treat others as you would your nearest and dearest and strive for their interests.

*Don't be afraid to be a lone voice.

*Appoint and support colleagues who are genuinely the best person for the role not just the most popular.

I'm sure I'm asking too much though. I wanted to condense it into only one commandment but the list kept growing.

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