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February 28, 2013


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MPs generally (particularly the more prominent ones) are dishonest and reluctant to give straight answers. Perhaps that is partly due to the adversarial nature of party politics. But if someone is knowledgeable enough about their sphere of responsibility and genuinely believes in their point of view then they shouldn't have to conceal things and straightforward answers should be routine.

So yes, as you say Paul, it would be good if politicians answers where honest and recognisable in relation to the question put to them. I'm sure some MPs consider it an art form to only answer the question they want to answer, even to the extent of farcicality.

In my opinion the difference is that some MPs are sincere in their actions whereas others just want to reach high places and be 'powerful' for its own sake. Its ironic that these people are in fact nonentities who contribute and achieve nothing.

So any decent MP will no doubt come up against empty vessels. In contrast, those who genuinely respect the political profession will make lasting and meaningful contributions.

Some politicians possess a great deal of false indignation and have imaginations suitable to a tabloid journalist. It goes to the top of government whether they be termed 'right' or 'left'. Any decent MP should not be constrained and controlled by their seniors because they are not as important as they assume in the grand scheme of things.

What could be achieved if politicians weren't so mendacious?

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