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January 24, 2013


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Just A Minute Rules

Re PF reply to Ad:

Buzzer sounds & Nicholas Parsons asks:

"What's your challenge ?"

"Repetition and hesitation"

Paul Flynn

Thanks Ad. I take your point. The battle against cuts to essential services is one for MPs in Parliament. I am asked to support campaigns against specific cuts in Newport. By opposing CUT A you would appear to neglect CUT B or CUT C. That is not a choice that MPs can make. The councillors have the full information that I cannot possibly have. They have the awful task of making the choices where the cuts should fall. I do not envy them. But it would not help if I interfered. They have their job and I have mine. It's the same with the AMs. They are responsible for the NHS and Education in Wales. Not me. When I was deputy leader of the council in Newport I had other responsibilities and the councillors would not have found intervention by the then MP helpful.

Of course, I am in contact with the councillors. But we all respect the sensible rule that the cobbler should stick to his last.


It seems hard that so many councils are having to make massive cuts. Why is it that so many councils are in the same situation? Surely essential services to the community cannot just be ditched.

You said: "MPs have no power or influence over these choices." Surely it is MPs who have forced the councils to make these drastic cuts.

Essential services and institutions are being cut and the government obviously doesn't care. I am not that politically astute but even I can see that the government is foolish and lacking in sense. Just because they say it is necessary and make laws to harm people it doesn't change the fact that dozens of large corporations get away with paying little tax and the government wastes billions trying to "punch above our weight" by getting involved in never ending wars.

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