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January 01, 2013


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Paul Flynn

Thanks Ad. The links with Petraeus and the Arms Trade is shocking for me. I had bought the idea that this intellectual soldier was better than his predecessors. The world was lucky that he did not challenger Obama. I syill have faith in him.

Paul Flynn

Diolch Olaf. Fel arfer, rydw i'n dweud geiriau am y bobl o Iraq ac Afghanistan a collodd eu bywydau yn y rhyfeloedd. Oedd camgymeriad eu anwydbyddu y tro hwn.


Paul - dwi'n cytuno efo llawer yr ydych yn ei ddweud yn eich blog - ond mae'n ymylu ar fod yn aflednais i roi cyhoeddusrwydd i farwolaethu milwyr Prydeinig yn unig. Mae llawer iawn o bobl wedi marw yn y rhyfel yma, ac mae eu bywydau nhw i gyd yn gyfwerth.


The situation is sickening. We are dealing with sick people who care more for profit than human life. People are being killed for base, selfish motives.

As you describe Paul, the war is being intensified and prolonged so that arms manufacturers can carry away millions of dollars. NATO has kicked the door in on what was a relatively peaceful country and private profiteers are acting like looters. People are treated as nothing more than property, to be expended, held at ransom and killed if there is profit to be made.

The whole process is set to continue for at least another year or two with all the horrific bloodshed and needless death and mutilation. And as you say Paul other targets are being lined up. I don't really expect NATO to leave Afghanistan in 2014. Some of the troops will leave and the mission will be re-branded, but the dying will continue.

It really is a disgrace upon our nation to have anything to do with this American led and British supported 'war on terror'. It seems that most of the good politicians can be picked off as they do not align themselves with powerful moneyed interests and are motivated by conscience rather than selfishness.

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