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January 22, 2013


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'Is Cameron using vain glorious rhetoric to risk lives to boost his personal popularity?'

That appears to be what the French government are doing too. They are also unpopular. Africa is seen as the new front in the 'war on terror' by America, France and Britain. Cameron talks about a "decades-long battle against Islamist terrorism in north Africa". It really is bullshit. Britain has fought ENOUGH wars in recent times. Its time to aknowledge the mistakes and quit this insane rush to war at every opportunity.

I do not accept that the war in Mali is anything of our concern. Why fear and dread one side above another in a civil war in the middle of Africa?

This article sheds some light on the internal strife of Mali:

"after a series of Tuareg victories in the north, the military overthrew the elected government and declared martial law. The army complained that not enough attention was being paid to crushing the Tuareg insurgency, and last month they seized the presidential palace, the state television station, and arrested key members of the legitimate government, although the President, Amadou Toure, escaped. This is the "government" the French, with aid from the US and Britain, are fighting to preserve. "


I am not saying that one side is better than the other, only that it is really of no concern to the British or French governments.

The Malian military "government" are happy to accept any foreign help, no matter what the cost (imperialism) because of the position the Tuareg fighters have forced them into.

One has to feel sorry for the people of Mali. I can't recall any country in recent years which has been left better of for NATO interference. They will become neutralised, their national sovereignty crushed and will exist only to please the western imperial governments.

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