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December 27, 2012


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Apparently fracking's potential is bigger than North Sea oil. Although I don't expect anyone to benefit apart big energy companies.


Thank you for the answer. Might be worth a few broken chimneys after all, then.

Heaven knows South Wales could use some new industry; though hopefully its inevitable decline will be met with a better strategy than the shambles left by the collapse of coal.

Paul Flynn

Thanks D.G. I don't think you'll get an answer.

Great fuss on price of petrol. Gas/Electric costs, paid by everybody, will rocket. It's mostly for nuclear. If fracking delivers we will not need nuclear. Remember when Coalition said no subsidies for nuclear?....all of six months ago.


Makes fracking look attractive by comparison!

I was wondering, will the fracking company by covering its own insurance costs when it goes ahead nationally, or will the taxpayer be bearing yet another risk? I asked the same question of a self-proclaimed expert on the Telegraph website, but got nothing but incoherent abuse for the inquiry!

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