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December 22, 2012


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John Handel

Paul Flynn says:
"In the interests of avoiding damaging the brains of readers, comments that ceaselessly repeat old arguments will be deleted"
So be careful not to upset him.
It is the season of goodwill so better not post the same thing twice on two of his articles!
Only he can do this as you would know!
Have a good break.
Merry Christmas Jonathan and Mr Flynn.
Trust you have a happy new year.
I look forward to further chats next year.
All the best.


For all the posters on this site in need of an education, this is the exclusive brethren we are talking about, not the brethren in general (the website theexclusivebrethren.com redirects to their new, deceptive site).

They may hand out sandwiches to firemen, but they wouldn't sit down to lunch with them, or even eat with family members who have left the group.

Many MPs are being hoodwinked and need to do some research before jumping on the anti-Charity Commission bandwagon.

The EB do not deserve charity status. For more info on this group, see peebs.net.

P.S. If you go to theexclusivebrethren.com and view their "gospel hall" locations (itself a deception as only the Open Brethren have used this terminology in the past), then do some searching and viewing on google maps you'll see some of their buildings (e.g. at GU3 1JR). Not very inviting, are they? (a lot you can't even see, being purposely hidden by hedges, and nearly all have steel bar gates at the front. You'll also notice a lack of clear windows - they'll either be bricked over or blanked out).

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