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November 07, 2012


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"He leads the nation that has sacrificed, more than any nation, the lives of their sons and daughter in the tasks of bringing democracy to the world."

Paul, whilst it's true that many brave Americans died during World War II in the effort to preserve democracy, I think that you are inaccurate here as the mortality figures stand at around 418,000 USA, 450,000 UK, several million Poles and 23,000,000 Soviets and people of many other nationalities, too.


Personally, I'm pleased that the bully, bigot and sadist Romney lost but I also read that the year 2010 under the Obama administration was also the deadliest year for US drone attacks that have killed innocent Pakistanis - including many children. I wonder if Paul would acclaim non-Christian countries 'peacemakers' if they did this?

Brian Williams

Daliwch ati Paul, i weiddi'r neges fel y gwnaethoch ar Y Byd ar Bedwar neithiwr.

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