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September 29, 2012


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The example regarding swine flu is just one example of complete ineptitude.Governments spend fortunes of taxpayers best researching a problem.They involve a group of experts in that field that come up with solid scientific conclusions. These conclusions are then completely ignored.David Nut's sacking on drugs.100MIllion pound, 8year study by Lord Krebs on BTB are just 2 examples.


Even the revolving door idea doesn't work particularly well for this as Liam Donaldson was correct in considering a "worst case scenario" it was not inaccurate at the time it was made although it did rapidly become clear that we were not facing anything like a worst case scenario and were likely facing a situation better than even the best case scenario, primarily due to people believing that if they had a cold they should refrain from spreading it amongst their fellows. Which probably saved more "man hours" of "productivity" than any other health intervention in recent times.

It was purely the government's decision to ignore the facts as they unfolded and carry on despite all evidence, acting as if the worst case scenario had instead been a definitive and accurate prediction of the future. The Polish were in that case at least blessed with a rational and sane government, such a pity that that seems so unattainable in this country that anyone at all feels the need to look elsewhere to cast blame.


The argument you make about government reaction to the swine flu pandemic Paul is one which demonstrates that the problem was with bad government and does not successfully lay the blame at anyone else's doorstep, not the WHO and not even, for all their faults, the pharmaceutical companies.

Paul Flynn

UK swine flu spending = £billion plus. Poland: virtually nothing. Swine flu deaths UK 7.4 per million, Poland 4.7 per million. Polish health minister refused to buy vaccine.
Epidemiology never justified the panic.

Kim Spence-Jones

Suggesting that money spent in defending against flu threats is 'squandered' because a disaster did not occur is as silly as suggesting we don't need fire engines at Heathrow because in recent years they have never been called upon to extinguish a major blaze.

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