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August 25, 2012


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"If the public became aware of the elite freemasonry who preside over the distribution of honours they would be rightly angered the patronising cheat of a fundamentally unfair system."

That's it in a nut! But it will never happen.The public are far too busy with reality and Xfactor TV, playing computer games, texting on iphones, telling each other whats for lunch on facebook etc.

The collective Great British public have no interest in how politics works but a huge passion for complaining about it.

Tim Cooper

Succinctly put Mr Flynn. The club of stealthy oath-takers and advantage-seekers, who always know which side their bread is buttered, are running the show in this country. The public have no idea and they don't even know they have no idea - such is the effectiveness of the greased wheels this pyramidal, unfair system runs on.

The Windsors are of course on the top of the heap, and I for one strongly object to the network of elite "ludicrously un-representative" quasi-militarised Lord Lieutenants who, for some unknown reason oversee magistrates and assume public importance outside of any popular mandate.

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