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July 26, 2012


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Andrew Basten

I trust my previous post will make it clear to Mr Awale that the research leads to a dead end in elation to khat and I am callin on him to give up his crusade against khat. I will also expect the Advisory Committee on Drugs to stop this vendetta on khat. I will expect Mr Awale to post an apology to the Somali Community and look at leading a long and meaningful life and take up a campaign on real issues that blight society.

I await your reply Mr Awale.

Andrew Basten


The Chair invited Dr Muna Ismail, who had carried out a scientific study on khat, to address the committee. Dr Muna Ismail explained that she had carried out a PhD in khat use and was continuing research on this at post-doctorate level. She drew Members’ attention to a document she had produced that was circulated at the meeting and advised that at present there was no conclusive evidence with regard to the question of khat being damaging to human health and there was a clear need for further scientific research to be undertaken. Members noted that there was not much evidence at present that there a high percentage of chronic habitual khat users. Dr Muna Ismail explained that she had undertaken a comparison of khat with cannabis where a lot more research documents were available and it was noted that The Netherlands had recently tightened legislation over cannabis use. She requested the committee’s support in asking for further research to be undertaken about khat.

Andrew Basten

Mr Awale does not have the backing of the Somali Community and I will yet again ask him to provide evidence of all he states. I am more than happy to arrange a debate on Khat and I will invite Mr Awale to participate. Againg I will state Why is he attacking khat only? If he is a so called drug campaigner then why not lobby for cannabis to be made a class A drug and why not ban alcohol and also cigarettes? Why only khat? Is he prejudicing against all the young of society in favour of saving young Somalis?

Andrew Basten

I lead a team of experts on khat and our most senior advisor and researcher is a Harley Street Consultant. Mr Awale is misleading everyone about khat. What about Betel Leaf better known as Paan. Why are we not talking about banning this leaf which is chewed by millions of people and exported to countries that have banned khat, yet it is a psychonarcotic? I challenge Mr Awale on his evidence and call upon all his references and not just hearsay evidence from people who do not reveal their identity. I am yet to lobby Parliament on how Mr Awale is on a vendetta and is in fact harassing a minority group. If Mr Awale has had problems with life, why does he blame khat, why not blame himself? Keep watching as Mr Awale will be proved to be wrong very soon


As a socialist, Mr Flynn is intelligent enough to realise that the most harmful drug is in fact religion - which, as Marx says, is the opiate of the people. Thanks for your life-long service as a socialist in working to destroy and obliterate such superstition, Mr Flynn.

Paul Flynn

Thanks Joshua. That is greatly appreciated. It's depressing that in so many discussions, these days, those who are losing an argument or running out of ideas, cry 'racist'. I suppose they are about equal numbers who believe that not calling for a ban is racist or proposing a ban is racist. It's a convenient way of avoiding the real issue of the certain results of a ban which would be harmful to the Horn of Africa originated communities.

Joshua Wooderson

Mr. Flynn,

May I say that I greatly admire your steadfast opposition to the absurd and dangerous policy of drug prohibition? While I may not agree with you politically in all respects, you're one of the few MPs to speak out on this issue, and I only wish that more politicians would admit our drug policy to be the failure that it is.

Ismail Ali

I don’t understand why so many people are wasting their time, you guys don’t you get it this is according to UK costumes the street market value of khat is 460 Million pounds a year.
There will always be some people who do NOT want to see the ban , who cares about Somali Community ,they are Muslim& Black

Paul Flynn

Those are the first reasonable points that you have made Mr Awale.
Smuggling would be difficult. But prohibition would double, even treble, the street price. That would be a powerful incentive for a new criminal trade. That is what has hapenned with all other prohibitions. Khat has not disappeared in the countries that have imposed bans. Nor will it here.


Mr Martin,

The use off khat will NOT increase for the fallowing two reasons,

1- khat is smugglers nightmare because they need to get from Africa or Yemen to the users in UK within 48 hours ,when khat is banned in Netherlands & UK it will be almost impossible ,you see shipping is out off question because off time .

The second reason is simply the size off khat it will very difficult to send by cargo.

The other reason there is a lot off users who are very afraid off the police because they came from dictatorial back ground ones government bans khat it is highly likely they will stay away from it,

Paul Flynn

Muna is a new correspondent who appears to suffer the same difficulty of others - inability to read and understand simple concepts. Muna suggest I said that Khat is 'harmless". Never have. Indeed the original article was about avoiding increasing "harm' If there is no harm originally it cannot be increased.
Again Muna like other correspondents refuses to argue on whether a ban will reduce or increase harm.

For 25 years in parliament, I have opposed all prohibition. In every case subsequent events have proved that use of newly banned drugs INCREASED in all cases. Look at the evidence.


I am not sure anyone would agree that Khat is not harmful. However the point I understand Mr Flynn to be making is that there is little evidence to suggest that banning Khat will reduce its use. Surely we would all like to see the use of Khat reduce in an idea world.

However I have looked into the evidence and I have seen no cases where banning a drug has reduced its use. It appears to be logical that to ban a drug will stop people from using it but unfortunately there is no evidence for this. In the countries that have banned Khat it appears that use has increased. This goes completely against the logic of what we are all trying to achieve. In stead of reducing the use people continue to use Khat, in many instances usage increases, while the price increases many times more.

Examples given are that bundles of Khat that previously cost £3-6 now cost £25+. This means that families with users of Khat need to spend far more to satisfy those addicted to Khat, making them more poor.

I am sure that if banning Khat reduced its use then Mr. Flynn's opinion would be quite different. Perhaps someone can give evidence of where banning Khat (or any drug) has reducd its use...?


It’s always enlightening to hear an MP giving his expert opinions on the issues and struggles that affect the black ethnic minority communities only, it’s even more interesting when these communities build the courage to speak out against these issues, and someone in your position- law maker, decides to preach and not only choose to show no support for this initiative but argue and lobby against it, and by the looks of it without consulting with his constituents that you’re claiming to represent on their behalf.

If this campaign was calming that with the ban of Khat other problems such as ones that you’re suggesting wouldn’t arise, than we would all be guilty of being naive, however we’re not and are fully aware of the possible implication that a ban will bring, but driven by the desire to save our next generation from this drug. When a thirteen year old is able to freely access an addictive drug with their pocket money which will have a detrimental impact on he/she’s education, health, family, future, than it is our responsibility to do something, even if someone like you believes its not problematic enough. Now, if this was wide spread and those most affected weren’t from only one background would we be having this debate?.. Would you be confidently advocating the use of Khat for the youth who at the moment are most affected by it on this type of platform?!

It seems in your argument, your strongest point and concern is over money in relation to the case of criminalization, the pressure that would be put on the courts and the likely hood it will spread to the wider community if it goes underground. My question is why are you so concerned by Khat becoming wide spread when you claim its ‘harmless’, what makes it ok for migrant communities to suffer in silence but is alarming if it spreads? Is it fair to assume that you are more concerned about the pressure a ban would put on the state then the current sufferings of the Somali’s.

Mr Flynn, sadly the Somali community are fully aware of the implication of this drug and its adverse effects for decades on both sides of the argument , to imply the Somali community are somehow too ignorant, naive and lack the capacity of intelligence required making such judgment, when they’ve been the main community that bearing the brunt is frankly insulting, your comments are terribly disappointing, insensitive and patronizing to say the least, I suggest that you listen to the voices of Somali community with little bit more regard and respect!

Abukar Awale

Criminalisation is fundamentally about attitudes towards khat. Believe it or not, there is a stigma attached to khat within Somali community. A UK ban would help further drive a wedge between use of khat and it’s diminished social acceptability. THE UK IS CURRENTLY SEEN BY SOMALIS AS A BEACON OF HUMAN RIGHTS, VALUES, ETC. Regrettably, the UK is also the BIGGEST EXPORT market for khat dealers in East Africa. So much for human rights

Re: use of drugs increasing exponentially since 1972 – arguably due to change in UK attitudes towards drugs and drugs users over time. Users in 70s likely to have been ostracised by society but now, addicts are seen as in need of help. Cocaine is widely used to this day by professionals such as bankers and lawyers as a recreational drug. Changes in UK attitudes towards drugs in step with attitudes towards, race, religion, sexuality etc. Society evolves over time I guess

Re figures of addicts, the inference is that by relaxing the ban on all drugs, the number of addicts will decrease proportionally. Is this the MP’s solution to the war on drugs?

Is there any evidence that banning of khat in US, Canada etc has had a negative effect on Somali integration and whether they have gone on to become users or even addicts of harder drugs?

You state that khat is a micro industry – ie used by tiny proportion of people. If khat is criminalised, then by extension, surely the increase in police and courts workload would be a micro-increase, not “greatly multiplied”

You also state that banning of khat would lead to widespread use beyong Somali and Yemeni communities. Where is the evidence for this where khat has been banned in other EU states, US, Canada etc?

Places where Khat has always been banned – Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, etc. Little evidence of increased use as a result.

Paul Flynn

There is no sign of any meeting of minds on this issue. Some of the messages received contain errors that reveal that were not sent by the people that they claimed to be. This is a clearly a campaign in which attempts are being made to give false impressions.

I suggest they stop wasting their time in trying to persuade me to vote in a way that I know would harm my constituents. Those who believe that a threat to vote for another party would persuade to change my opinion do not know me and certainly do not know Newport. This MP will not be bullied or threatened.

A Concerned Mother...

Comment removed because it it claimed to be what it was not.

Paul Flynn

Mr Abukar: You are hopelessly ill-informed. Your knowledge of the drugs issue seems to be only a year old. You appear out to make a name for yourself in your community. What knowledge do you have on the effects of drugs law? I have been commenting, writing and speaking on drugs laws for the past 40 years. My views have not changed. PROHIBITION KILLS.
Try doing some reading (my books would be a start) before you open you make a fool of yourself again.


Mr Paul MP

It good to see you are changing your position remmember your articles wich you said the harms and of khat are minor.know you are claiming in your opinion banning will work it will get worse.

If that is case why did you NOT campaing against the ban of Miaw Miaw when it was banned last year you did say one single word, how ever when it comes to khat there you are lobbying to remain legal..

I wonder what is the motivational factor for your Campaing it isu very clear it is not new port Somali Community you are ignoring their calls.

Paul Flynn

You have read the emotion. Now read the best assessment we can find on the results of Khat prohibition.

· No comparable data for pre-ban and post ban consumption.
· No ban appears to have been implemented after having been extensively researched.
· Indicative figures suggest that demand has increased post-ban. Indicated by increased seizure rates despite police antipathy.
· Price has increased massively and varies from £12-£36 in countries with prohibition, compared to £3-£6 in UK.
· With significant levels of ongoing consumption (including possible increase in use) in countries with prohibition, increased prices represents a massive unintended consequence and drain on family budgets.
· Little evidence for younger Somalis using Khat with a study in Denmark suggesting disapproval among young Somalis.

“Norway and Sweden prohibited khat in 1989, both without research. Demand remains high in Norway and it is estimated that out of 9,000 Somalis in Oslo, 1,000 are consumers.”
“Where Khat has been most extensively studied, prohibition has not been introduced (Australia, the Netherlands and the UK).”
Khat: Social harms and legislation A literature review. Home Office, 2011 pp.29-30

There are no published data on khat consumption from either before or after the legislation. DEA officials admit that khat is “low on their radar” (Carrier, 2007a), although seizures have been rising: 40 tonnes of khat were seized in 2006, 33 tonnes in 2007, and 74 tonnes in 2008. Prohibition has dramatically raised prices: it is claimed that a £3 bundle in the UK sells for ten times that price in the USA (Anderson et al., 2007).
Khat: Social harms and legislation A literature review. Home Office, 2011 p.23

There are no published reports on prevalence or patterns of khat use in Canada. Khat continues to be chewed regularly despite occasional seizures. In 2007, 23 tonnes of khat were seized in Canada (RCMP, 2008). Police officers reportedly see khat as low priority and even a nuisance (Anderson et al., 2007). However, local Somalis feel that police now target them because of the khat ban (ibid., p 198).
Khat: Social harms and legislation A literature review. Home Office, 2011 p.24

Price is now high compared with, say, the UK – a bundle costs around 180 kroner (£20) (Gunderson, 2006) compared with £3 to £6 in the UK – yet mounting seizures suggest demand remains strong
Khat: Social harms and legislation A literature review. Home Office, 2011 p.25

Estimates suggest that khat is still chewed by 30% of Somali men in Sweden (Anderson et al., 2007). A bundle sells for 200 to 400 Kronor (Omar and Besseling, 2008) – around £18 to £36. Smuggling remains prevalent with seizures of around 9 tonnes each year (WHO, 2006). Khat is a low priority for police, and this is criticised by campaigners who claim it shows a lack of interest in minority welfare.
Khat: Social harms and legislation A literature review. Home Office, 2011 p.26

Smuggled khat sells at 100 kroner (£12) per bundle (Sundhedsstyrelsen, 2009)..A recent study revealed that 15% of 15- to 50-year-old Somalis (within a sample of 848), chewed khat (ibid.). More restrictive legislation in Sweden makes Denmark an attractive destination for Swedish-based consumers (Anderson et al., 2007). Commnity anxieties about increasing khat use and adverse effects upon Somali youth32 are not supported by recent research, which suggests a “new attitude to khat among the young” with the great majority of youth not chewing and
expressing disapproval (Sundhedsstyrelsen, 2009).
Khat: Social harms and legislation A literature review. Home Office, 2011 pp.26-27

Prohibition may have increased use
Although solid evidence on prevalence of khat use in those countries where khat has been prohibited is limited, the available evidence suggests that khat use continues. Furthermore, in countries where trend data are available, seizures of khat have been increasing (which might result either from increased vigilance or increasing demand). As no research was undertaken prior to khat’s prohibition, it is impossible to say how its illegality has affected prevalence, trends and associated social harms. The social consequences of its illegality should be studied in greater detail as these are likely to be profound given “the criminalisation of users and sellers” and the creation of “illegal drugs markets” (Klein et al., 2009).
Khat: Social harms and legislation A literature review. Home Office, 2011 p30

On legislative options
The evidence so far suggests that the market for khat is worth approximately $2.2 million annually in Australia. This is a small market, however for such a small, disadvantaged community it is substantial. A key question for regulators is how to regulate the market without creating untoward harm.

There are three approaches from precedent and a fourth by logic, that are available to regulators. The first option is the criminalization of khat use. Evidence from Canada and Sweden would suggest that criminalization produces few benefits and may increase costs to the community. The second approach is to allow an unrestricted khat market such as that in the United Kingdom. This approach also has some downsides, however it does avoid some of the negative outcomes from criminalization. The third option of doing nothing is also available, however increasingly, it can be seen that the global market for khat is growing as the size of diaspora grow. The fourth approach not implemented anywhere is the introduction of a regulatory regime that levies the commodity and where the proceeds of the levy contribute to community building and reducing khat-related harm. This final regulatory response may offer an alternative to the current regulatory regime and requires some thought and discussion with the community.
Khat: a literature review Centre for Culture, Ethnicity and Health with funding from VicHealth, the Victorian Health Promotion Foundation.

Paul Flynn

It's so sad that so many people do not understand a simple argument.
The question is not whether Khat is harmful. It is, as are all drugs.
The question is whether the ban will INCREASE or DECREASE harm?


I'm not sure many contributors here are fully understanding the argument. I am sure everyone agrees that Khat is harmful. What Paul seems to be arguing is that there is no evidence that banning a drug helps reduce its use. I am sure that if banning was proven to be effective at reducing use Paul's argument might be quite different. Does anyone have proof or examples of where banning a drug has reduced its use?

Paul Flynn

There has always been that point of view strongly expressed but wrong. What thought has been given to the consequences of a ban?

It is a populist juvenile and utterly mistaken belief that a ban will reduce harm. As all experience has shown with ALL other bans in the UK, use and harm will be INCREASED after a ban.

Harm will be done if mindless prejudice rules. This is decision based on reason and evidence.

Hanad Mohamed

It saddends me to hear such misinformed comments from a man of your position. I feel not only have you let yourself down but have also let down your constituency. The position of London Somali Youth Forum is that there should be a nation wide ban on Khat. The primary effect of Khat is widely known, but the imapct it has on the community is detrimental.
It is widely accepted that the issue of Khat has indirectly caused family breakdowns in Somali families and this historical lack of stable home coupled with absence fathers (leadership) means that a young Somali youth growing up in the UK is ever becoming harder, forcing a majority to turn to khat use as a tool for escapism, inevitability impacting on their life chances to compete and progress in life. As a Forum we genuinely subscribe to the aims and notion or policies of Every Child Matters. As a result, we would fully support a ban on the use and availability of Khat, which is destroying the life chances of our children, cementing their place in a life of misery and wasted human capital for generations.

Abukar Awale

Our Campaign is real that is why ACMD is doing review, and I have never claimed I live new port .
It is shocking Some one in your petition to call this campaign superficial is very heart full for the 72 000 who has signed the petition also the family’s who have lost the loved ones , explain that to the children who have losttheir mother. see the link, and act like Responsible.


Paul Flynn

So, Mr Awale, you are part of this misguided London campaign not a local person at all!

My views on drugs are all well-founded. They are all harmful and their use should be discouraged. BANNING IS NOT A REMEDY. the USA prohibited alcohol for 13 years. It led to the the creation of an empire of crime. Methedrone was banned in the UK a year ago. Its use has TREBLED since. You must be the only person in the UK who still thinks that ban was a good idea.

Study the evidence and stop being naive. A Khat ban would criminalised tens of thousands of British Somalis, many would be jailed adding to the prison population and wasting £millions. It's use will continue. That has been the experience of all other bans. Your tim would be better spent campaigning against the other problems of Horn of Africa originated communities.

I have been elected six times by my constituents not because I obeyed any of their unreasonable wishes but because I have always told them the truth and acted in their best interests. It is the job of politicians to lead public opinion at times, not to surrender to stupid evidence-free prejudice of the kind that you espouse.

Be responsible and serious. Your campaign is superficial.

Abukar Awale

Yes I am Abukar Awale Anti Khat campaigner , you are talking about ,and I am some one who has the best interest at heart of Somali community, To me it not about making name it is about fighting for equality drugs policy in UK.it is about protecting young people ,from the harms of evil drug that you are campaign for , and for your information I have the backing off Somali community,
With all due respect to your position as MP, I am not aware of your involvement i against banning of methedrone ( Miaw Miaw ), and you seem to be campaigning aggressively to make sure khat remains legal in UK, although majority of your constituency are calling the ban of khat.
Very funny khat and Methedrone are same family of drugs used by different communities and you seem to have two different opinions I wonder why that is. ?

Abukar Awale
Community engagement officer
Copland School Cecel Avenue
Wembley HA9 7DU


Hi mr Paul....am really sorry to say that you sound like you don't represent Somalis.....We as Somalis ,we really do feel the pain when a leader like you who mislead the community into a worse way of life is there to represent us.khat is the most used drug by Somalis and its the only drug that leads to the use of other illegal drug.i don't have to mention the main problems related to the misuse of this drug because of your inadequate info and poor leadership.plz just do talk about cocaine but not khat!!!!!thank you.

Paul Flynn

No address again Samson Abdullah.

Paul Flynn

Are you the 41 year-old Abukar Awali a community engagement officer at a comprehensive school in London out to make your name with this campaign that could put young Somalis into jail? You have never provided an address. you appear to have pretended to be what you are not.

Paul Flynn

Theses arguments are superficial and naive.
Of course Khat is harmful and ending its use would be beneficial, but a ban would make things worse.
heroin is illegal throughout the world but it is still used by millions. THE HEROIN BAN IN 1971 INCREASED its use.
Bans do not reduce drug harm.

Hodan Hassan

I am saddened to hear an MP advocating for "Khat" not to be banned. I am a Somali woman who has witnessed the effects of Khat in my community. I have seen families torn apart as result of the addiction of Khat. I strongly disagree with anyone who claims that Khat isn't harmful.
Khat is stimulant which is highly addictive and thank God that it is illegal in the United States but please ban Khat everywhere in the world. We are not talking about a young adult using tobacco for socializing with others. Thus, we are talking about a whole society spending their time sitting around chewing Khat instead of furthering their education, working towards a future, or making a difference in the world,
Anyone with their right mind wouldn't want Khat to be legal. If the MP cares about his community please ban Khat as its effects are harmful and destruction to our society. Unless it is purposeful and you don't want the Somali youngsters in your community to compete with their white counterparts in the same city. I rest my case.


Oh, I forgot, here in America, Khat is banned and the people, including my dad who used to chew Khat back in Kenya everyday, has quit and is working full time now, Masha Allah. Imagine, this is while he previously used to stay all night awake chewing Khat and all day asleep, and you know what he used to do after he wakes up? Beat up mom, us and even insult the neighbors who tried to advise him. Please MP, think about the people of Newport, including your child, not the article you've written, of course you're a great writer!


Dear MP, if you're human enough and what you're suggesting is true, would you allow your child, if you've any, to chew Khat anyday? The answer is NO! Then please stop spoiling our kids, both boys and girls. What we're talking about here is not about the elderly, but the next generation that. Islam teaches us to love for your brother what you love for yourself. Please love for our kids what you love for your kids and wife. Thank you!

Paul Flynn

So no address from you. Only another ill-informed comment. There have been many suggestions to ban Khat in my 25 years in parliament. Governments of Conservative and Labour have rightly rejected the call because a ban would do more harm than good.

Your other comments are ridiculous and do not merit a comment.

Samsam Abdalla

Dear Mr Flyn
Your emphasis on criminalisation shows that your intended audience is white middle class people who form the majority of those who will have to make the decision on this important issue for a deprived community with no voice at all. The message coming from other white middle class elite like you carries more weight I suppose?
I am sorry to say that your position is questionable since it relies heavily on emotions and evoking fear rather than scientific realities.

The Somali community you purport to represent has already spoken (in NACRO report and Griffiths HO report, even though they both made recommendations that went against their findings!!). Therefore, you sound ridiculous when you say your Somali constituents want you to speak on their behalf in favour of the status staying the same!
What a disappointment this is?!

Take care


In 2005 it wwas your government's decision not to ban khat just because it was not spreading to wider society.

That was very discrimination decision and racism.and fact that your local Somali Community is calling the ban of khat and you are ignoring their request raises the question what motivates you to Campaing khat to stay legs in UK.
Because it is very clear that you don't have best Intrest of Somali Community.

They are going for conservative because Conservative will ban khat , I will advance you to apologize your local Community.

Paul Flynn

In Canada, khat is a controlled substance under Schedule IV of the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act (CDSA), meaning it is illegal to possess or obtain unless approved by a medical practitioner. Punishment for the possession of khat could lead to a maximum sentence of three years in prison. The maximum punishment for trafficking or possession with the intent of trafficking is ten years in prison.
In 2008, Canadian authorities reported that khat is the most common illegal drug being smuggled at airports.
However, in 2012 the Ontario Court of Appeal upheld a 2011 absolute discharge of a young woman who brought 34 kilograms of khat into Canada in 2009. According to the defense, the ruling recognizes that there is no empirical evidence that khat is harmful.

Paul Flynn

Since 1972 I have been an elected representatives of the people of various parts of Newport. In that time I have discussed this issues with dozens of local people with roots in the Horn of Africa countries. There always have been people who believe that a ban would be beneficial and others who believe that the consequences would be very damaging - especially to the Somali Community. Your reluctance to take up my offer to speak to the 'community' is significant. I believe you may be reluctant to face up to the almost certain consequences of a ban. antagonism between the police and Somali people. arresting and jailing of young people, changing small legal businesses into criminal businesses. a shift from Khat to the killer addictive drugs of tobacco and alcohol.

The question of votes in future is not a consideration. I have never voted for what is popular but for what is right. I will vote for the best interests of my constituents against a ban of Khat that would do great harm to the those of Somali origins.

You have not supplied an address, so I reply on the assumption that you are a constituent of mine. Perhaps you will now give your address and any position you hold that you think might entitle you to speak on behalf of others.

Ahmed New PORT

This is truly unacceptable and quite unfortunate for someone who represents our city to speak like that without even consulting us! Khat consists of two very dangerous components for humans, that is if you consider us humans; Catine and Cathonone and yet you wish to legalise it. Did you even come to consult us and ask us how many people have died of this harmful drug, the madness and the family conflicts it has caused and it is still causing. Now the children are starting to use it, thinking it is a legal and harmless grass-like 'food' and starting to drop out of schools early and joining street gangs and extremists instead of being a good boy or girl who goes to studies and comes back home safe. Dear MP, if you thought the wrath of Khat will not reach to the wider society, believe me, it will in no time and by that time, you'll not have the chance you've now to stop this toxic and poisonous substance!


Do you know of examples where a ban on khat reduced use?

you should look countrys like America,Canada, Sweden.

Somali community newport

you are saying that know,( Very happy to speak to any of my constituents )

Thanks but no thanks you did NOT ask our veiws in the first place,as we are the community wich is afected, you have never toke the time to call for Community meeting on the issue khat in NewPort,

can you please stop Using your power to undermind our small minorty community who is all ready suffering so much allready because of khat.

Mohamed Ahmed
Somali Community in Newport

Qaari Mohamed

The Khat Ban shall not be compromised rather it should be urgently implemented for the following reasons;
1) its not medicine, rather it is disease and dirty shrubs
2) its not food, no one ever filled it stomach
3) its not vegetables, fruits

the Khat chewing-Somali people has rot due to khat and the examples we can quote here.
for instance, one will put priority over his family, live. the die hard chewers are looser in relationship, lack parental care and lose the confidence of the society.
so Mr MP you should not indulge of what you know nothing or little. nevertheless, the Somali in Europe who use the khat are the worst of all and the repercussion or the effect is greater that those who are in East Africa or Ethiopia. this is because of the stress related environment that speeds up the depressions of the Somali people who chew Khat.

Paul Flynn

This letter was unsigned.

I would be grateful to hear who sent it especially if you claim there is one opinion in Newport.

Very happy to speak to any of my constituents. They should hear the likely effects of criminalisation of Khat which would incresed use, criminalising of users, jailing of users, Somalis increasingly using other drugs of alcohol and tobacco.

Somali Community In New port

Dear POUL FLYN, MP Statements like this is not really helpful our local community workers who are campaigning khat ban in UK,
It will have been better if have called public meeting to Somali community in Newport before you make such statement which can be described very disappointing and miss representing our community here in New Port.
It is also huge let down to young people in New port ,and it is statement like this why our community here in New port are now getting ready to Vote for Conservative

Paul Flynn

Do you know of examples where a ban on khat reduced use? Why not starts with Somalia/Somaliland or the Yemen?

Abukar Awale

Same old labour part policy just because khat is not spreading wider society does mean we should not ban it, and we Somali Diaspora UK reject any your claim should be made who is using the khat rather then how harmful it is, to as that is completely discrimination against minority community.
You also said It is relatively harmless in its effects , that is unacceptable statement especially from some like you like you who have been elected to serve for every one, it is also very upsetting statement for the family’s and children who have lost their parents and close ones please see the evidence of death
You also said There is great concern among the wiser Somali leaders that removing their main recreational drug. That is completely rubbish Somali community have demonstrated seeking the ban of khat , they have signed over 72,000 petitions , I am sure who do you mean when you say the wiser Somali leaders perhaps users .,


Please also see khat related deaths in UK.


Somali Community In UK wants khat to be BANNED in line with rest of western world.
And I think our voices must be respected,

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