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July 22, 2012


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It used to be that the way to make serious money was to cut out the middle-man. Now it seems the middle-men are earning a damn fortune - chuggers, "managed service providers" (aka "headcount hiders"), employment agencies, umbrella companies... I bet people have loads of examples and similar experiences

Fire Alarm Panel

Great points. You've put a great deal of thought into your arguement. Well done! I'll look out for more in the future.

Paul Flynn

There is no doubt that recent revelations that giving money to charities to chuggers is more profitable for the chuggers than the charity. The disillusionment is deep among those who have given generously in the past. They won't be conned again. Adding to the argument of ageism, I have NEVER been approached.


They put me off from the High St here in the 'Port, that's for sure. I wouldn't agree that they're single-handedly responsible for a decline in visitor numbers, but they certainly don't enhance the shopping experience.

(cue the usual tedious Port-haters... "Yada-yada Cardiff, blah-blah Cwmbran... free parking")

Plashing Vole

My MP (Paul Uppal) is conducting a campaign against charity collectors in Wolverhampton. He claims that they're single-handedly responsible for a decline in visitor numbers.

I think he's wrong. I find the 'chuggers' mildly annoying but no more so than the commercial hawkers, religious fundamentalists, skateboarders, and rightwing political proselytisers.

I don't want them swept off the streets - anyone using public space should be encouraged: Uppal wants the streets to be exclusively for the use of 'shoppers': he's got no time at all for the public as citizens rather than consumers.

I don't want sanitised streets patrolled by private guards getting rid of anyone who isn't consuming. The charity muggers might need more oversight because they can be a pain, but there are worse problems.

(I'm 37 by the way, and get approached a lot).

Ben Karim

Chugging is a very quick and effective fund raising technique although it is short term.

The public probably resents either being left feeling like a tight arse or guilt tripped into handing over their bank details.

We've developed something different take a look at our SmarterCalls EveryMinute conference calling service. Every time it is used a donor makes a donation to the sponsoring charity without paying anymore. This is friction free fundraising where everyone benefits and we get to make a difference. A little like collecting aluminium cans for school!

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