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July 27, 2012


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Valentin Kovalainen

For me it is good to see a home that has 2 to 3 yard away from the other home.No wonder they really deserve an congratulation.In Finland country many of home are develop through luxury one that's why many of them are really expensive they also made in quality and quantity which people love to hear in that place.Glad you share this one.

Paul Flynn

The consequences of your argument to divide into single tenure communities of rented and owned is the hell of London. Sink estates continue on a unstoppable decline: Gated communities hide behind security fences.

The greatest failure of housing now is that most young people cannot afford mortgages without help from parents who have benefited from rising housing values. Renting should NEVER be a forced option - it's suitable only for those with short term housing needs.

The social housing groups must be made to work. Newport has £100 plus million to spend. Other Welsh town rejected stock transfers for unfounded suspicions of malign intentions.

Council management of housing was never more than a partial success. We can do better.


NCH isn't doing all this as a favour. There is money to be made or they wouldn't be doing it. We need more 'council' housing,because the Tories are set on making the poor poorer, and forcing many into losing their homes, the potential for civil strife is there.

All those people will want accommodation and the rental area is where they are forced to go, and rent is as you say wholesale theft,and tenants with nil security of tenure either.

Are not NCH updating all these properties simply to sell off afterwards for more profit ? we are hearing of NCH wanting to move familes out so they can sell off the updated homes. Social housing is getting smaller and where will these poor families go ? Nobody has money to buy homes, and the Banks ave their money for corporate handouts to failures.

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