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June 24, 2012


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Andrew Edwards

Mr Flynn . I must apologuise to you . I took it from reading your article that you were defending the youngsters ( to which i agree with you )from all geographic areas . The reason i phoned you is, after reading your strong and valid views on different subjects i really thought that you would have been interested in some footage that i wanted to send to you . I know realise that you have your own constituency to deal with and not added problems from outside .

Paul Flynn

Thanks HuwOS. this stunt was a diversionary tactic that further pursues the 'blame the scrounger' excuse. There was a myth in the 20s of a woman in a fur coat and driving a luxury car to collect her dole. It's cruder populist rubbish and the Tories should be ashamed of themselves.

Paul Flynn

Mr Edwards you rang me outside of office hours and confirmed that you are not a constituent of mine. You were not 'ignored' you were treated politely and you were told that I had received a message from you. MPs have to serve our own constituents and not attempt to deal with the detailed problems of 60,000,000 people.


It's hard to understand, they've already messed the under 25's about with housing benefit.
They are already denied the opportunity to rent a flat of their own (with the exception of those leaving care) all others only allowed enough to rent a room in shared accommodation.
Something that might be particularly hard for a person who had perhaps been married and employed for a fair few years and then found themselves unemployed and separated.
Turning the screws on them again seems like an extra helping of vindictiveness.
Is that really what will save the economy and win the next election, or is it just for fun?
Still it isn't the first time that the great and the good expect the poor and the many to suffer for the mistakes of those who would be their masters.
Probably for their own good what, what.

Andrew Edwards

I totally agree with you Paul . But let's be honest when you are contacted by a member outside your ward with regards to some info which would be of interest to you , You simply choose to ignore it . Let's see what the general public make of my footage .

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