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June 02, 2012


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Paul Flynn

The double standards are gigantic. Even the Today programme failed to notice that Israel does not allow the IAEA inspectors into their country while demanding greater access in Iran.


In other news, the media draws attention to the fact that there are over 10,000 people on all sides have died since the uprising in Syria began a year ago.

Trouble is, people keep wanting to do something, so I just hope that those people bear in mind that with our help in Libya over 30,000 were killed in 6 months and of course in Iraq, the first two months of our involvement killed around 8,000 civilians never mind counting how many "baddies" were killed too.



Iran continues to not be in breach of NPT.

NYT has confirmed that the US and Israel were behind the Stuxnet virus that they used to attack Iran with.


Any change of mind yet on how wonderful Obama is Paul?

The US seems to spend more time in breach of international law than just about any country on the face of the planet. Good thing we have the kind of leadership that places us safely up their welcoming fundament.

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