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June 19, 2012


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Paul Flynn

Many thanks 'A" and "BB". That's greatly encouraging. Recess looms but little chance of a deabte on Aghanistan until, at least, September. So the dying continues.


Dear Paul
I love your questions to Messrs Hammond and Hague.
Trouble is that they recite the same old clichés time and time again.
I seem to remember that Blair and the oddly dysfunctional Defence Secretary whose name escapes me did the same thing.
The nuclear thing is about as plausible as the elephant traps at Bexhill-on-Sea – as a child I asked my father if he had seen any elephants in Bexhill-on-Sea, and he replied that No, he hadn’t, but it just showed how effective the traps were.


Mr Hague: 'It is also important to remember the immense achievements of our troops in Afghanistan, who have helped to bring stability to areas of Afghanistan that would not otherwise have known it'

This 'immense achievement' doesn't take into account the fact that there was no war at all before NATO arrived. It is a strange comment for Hague to make (dishonest or myopic? certainly untrustworthy) given the report on Monday from the UN that Afghanistan is the top producer of refugees in the world. In view of the facts I don't have a great deal of respect for Hague.


Its business as usual from the latest foreign secretary. A betrayal of our armed forces and a betrayal of the overwhelming majority of the country who want the war finished. We are effectively being held to ransom by those whose interest it is to profit from a continued war and occupation.

Its good we have somebody to call these politicians to account in yourself, Paul.

Hague: 'it is very important for that job to be completed, as we intend it to be, by the end of 2014.'

I think the proponents of this war need to ask themselves where they will be in one year, nevermind two. The Taliban control most of the country whilst NATO are practically limited to their bases. I expect the dwindling support from the Afghan populace will only grow smaller over the next year.

The most recent in a long line of 'rogue' Afghan police and soldiers to kill NATO troops:


I wonder what are the true hidden intentions of the USA and NATO in carrying on this war indefinately. There are too many blatant lies for me to give any credence to what these politicians actually say. They ignore completely the reality of war (like Hague did) and hide behind the 'immense achievements' of the army to shoot down anyone who dares criticise them.

I do believe your arguments can stand up in any debate with the likes of Hague, Paul. Eventually (hopefully sooner rather than later) they will be persuaded and come to understand that they were wrong.


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