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June 11, 2012


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I had the pleasure of recently witnessing a true outpouring of community spirit. People who normally barely exchange a nod came into the street together, all at once. They asked after each other with genuine concern and neighbourly feeling. It was wonderful.

Alas, the occasion was a powercut rather than the indifferently recieved Diamond Jubilee... but it was very heartwarming, nonetheless.


Also not really on topic, but it does sort of involve the royal family, viz Liz.

Interesting to see the CofE apparently throwing a tantrum over gay marriage.
Almost nice to see them getting upset about anything actually, just for the novelty.
But, are they right to worry that as an established church that a change in the legal definition of marriage could by the nature of laws and agreements against discrimination mean that they could be forced into performing marriages for homosexual couples?
Would they actually have to become disestablished to be able to successfully separate the civil marriage from the religious?


Off this topic, but I see that Nuclear Engineering International are reporting that despite all its problems the NDA intend to keep THORP running at Sellafield until 2018. What a wasted opportunity to get rid of it and save some money. And to continue producing more civilian plutonium when we don't know what to do - except keep spending money looking after it - with the 100+ tonnes we already have seems crazy.



Well said, Paul.

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