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May 01, 2012


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Paul Flynn

Years spent with young children are very precious. I greatly enjoy the time that I have with my grandchildren.


Appreciate your honesty as ever Mr Flynn!

I also confess, when I was earning a decent wage and had lower monthly outgoings, I didn't sweat the price of a pint too much, either.

How times have changed :) Still, at least I have more time to spend more time with the boys now! Perhaps this is what they mean by family-friendly Coalition policies.

Paul Flynn

Thanks DG. I understand the point. I did an interview on LBC about Nadine's comments. I confess I did check on the price of a pint of milk beforehand but the interviewer did not ask. It was still worthwhile because I could reinforce some of the points about posh boys.


It's a petty thing I know, but I could never trust a man who lies about knowing the price of a pint of milk.

I do the family shop at Sainsbury's on a Friday or Saturday, says he. Just under 50p a pint, says he. Spot on, say the journos after a quick Google search.

And it *is* spot on - for *a* pint of milk. A *single* pint of milk; the small, sad bottle that says "I live alone and don't entertain much". But Dave's a family man, isn't he? Then he's buying a four-pint, surely? That's not just under 50p a pint - not even in Sainsbury's; not even organic; not even close.

So, which is more likely, do you think? Dodgy Dave buys all his milk - enough for kids' breakfasts for the whole weekend - in single-pint servings? Or that, having been alerted to Nadine Dorries' comments, he (or a researcher) did a Google search for the price of a pint of milk?

I know which I'd bet on!

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