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April 04, 2012


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Paul, you are right to say that police work and co-opertation between intelligence services are the key to preventing terrorism. However, I think it is wrong to place trust in drone strikes. It seems to me that drone strikes are the exact opposite of actual police and intelligence work because they simply bomb people from a remote distance. In other words it is retreating into command bunkers and killing (largely innocent) people with impunity instead of actually co-operating with other agencies to identify and arrest terrorists.

Drones I think are actually an impediment, allowing as they do the secretive attacking of people at great distance. The foundation of counter-terrorism has to be police work and co-operation between intelligence services as we agree. But drones are used simply to bomb houses, usually of innocent people, based on faulty intelligence and the itchy trigger fingers of those who want to use them.

Drones are quite simply a tool preferred by those who love violence. They are hateful to those who live in the areas where they are used and cause resentment. Is the best solution to terrorism really to bomb the houses of those with suspected links to the Taliban?

I agree otherwise with the substance of your article. There is a complete lack of truth about this war in that a supposed democratically elected parliament does not reflect the overwhelming public opposition to this war. Instead these two-faced politicians spout foolishly optimistic and arrogant falsehoods. It is as if they actually believe their 'resolve' in repeatedly stating their aims can alter the outcome of this war.

I will state it again that this war has become a war against the Afghan people. The grievences of the insurgency are nothing to do with wanting to launch terrorist attacks on Britain. They are to do with being bombed by NATO, being abused by NATO forces in night raids, unemployment and lack of alternatives, as well as hatred of a currupt government and its military.


"The killing of Bin Laden has demonstrated that special forces, police work and drones are a far more effective weapon against terrorists than wars"

Surely, if we learn anything from the killing of Bin Laden, it's that though terrorists may make the people of the US cringe and whine like curs their yellow streak doesn't prevent them shooting unarmed old people in the face anywhere or anytime they feel like it.
That is of course, if they can spare the time from more indiscriminate murder which they can safely do from some bunker miles, countries or someday even continents away from the men, women and children whose lives they destroy, thanks to the gamelike technology of drones.

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