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March 30, 2012


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Paul Flynn

Malcolm Grimson is still getting away with posing as an impartial expert. When will the Beeb and ITV rumble him?

Jamie Green

Although nuclear energy promises great potential but its grave danger and threat to the world cannot also be underestimated. Good points presented!


every time i think of nuclear i thank the lord for paul flynn! thanks for your principled independence, wish u could convince others in your party, or form cross-party like-minded mp/am/mep wales group on this issue. wales needs united voice beyond party politics to speak against the folly of the official pro-nuclear stance at westminster and cardiff.


Malcolm Grimson's optimism on nuclear costs is easily countered by the recent Cour de Comptes (~French NAO) report on French nuclear power economics, which is well worth a read (English summary):


It says EPR electricity per MWh will cost about double that from the old French fleet, and that is I believe calculated using a pathetically low state 5% discount rate, and:

"... Cour des Comptes only knows the estimated construction cost of E6 billion for the Flamanville EPR, which gives a generating cost of at least E70 to E90/MWh, and bearing in mind that this is not the cost of a standard EPR."

If it is E70 to E90/MWh on a 5% discount rate, the economics looks hopeless with any private finance. Thats roughly the cost of onshore wind electricity using much more expensive private finance.

The economics seem a lost war now, assuming EDF cannot tap directly into state finance or guarantees. They need a Con & LibDem U-turn on direct subsidies or equiv.

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